3rd Episode! NaamKarann 14th September 2016 Today Written Updates

3rd Episode! NaamKarann 14th September 2016 Today Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Naamkaran begins with Ashish makes Asha a promise Ashish tells Asha about his mother’s ill health and assures her that he will talk to his mother about their relationship. Later, Avni reminds Ashish about the Sports Day celebration in her school.


On the other hand, Ashish has to go for some professional purpose for an important script and movie. Much before that something related to the life of Asha has been clear in which Asha has been seen reading Namaz, means it is crystal clear that she is a Muslim religion following a woman.

Eventually, she also has been seen doing Puja which depicts her secular reveals in every religion. Avni asked her mum Asha that she is desperate to see that his dad Ashish will be joining her in the annual day of her school.

Asha now saw speaking with her Bhabhi and she has a friendly discussion with her. Her Bhabhi asked to her that it is easy for any woman to impress her husband, she just needs to cook delicious food for him like his mum cook.

Asha reminds to Ashish that he needs to meet and attain the annual day of Avni in her school as she is too excited to meet with her dad. Ashish gives a nod and also she asked to her that very soon we will tie the knot and I hope Maa will be giving permission of our wedding.

So now Asha is only thinking of her wedding with Ashish. Ashish mum, on the other hand, asked him to take care of his professional trip properly. She also asked him to take care of his heath.

Avni calls Ashish and asked him to join in her annual day of school, Asha is on the other hand worried for Ashish’s mom and wants her to be fine as soon as possible.

Precap: Ashish tells Asha that he will talk to Maa before his flight. Ashish tells his Maa that he needs to talk. He recalls Asha’s words. Avni says I m sure Papa will come in sports day.

Avni also keeps challenge with her friends that her Papa is surely coming. Ashish meet with a beautiful girl, Ashish’s mother want him to tie the knot with that girl.