Oman & Yemen: Cyclone Mekunu Killed Two Indians & 5 Local People; 30 People are still Missing

Oman & Yemen: Cyclone Mekunu Killed Two Indians & 5 Local People; 30 People are still Missing: Well, you all should know that a powerful cyclone is affecting southern Oman slammed and other neighboring Yemen along with the Gulf country. Reports are coming that this whole cyclone is affecting the whole country and we have seen nearly three years’ worth of rainfall in a single day. Also, this storm did kill at least seven people while other 30 people are still missing in the country and the things aren’t looking good so far.

As per the reports, the roadways and submerged are seeing the flash flooding that tore away the whole part in Salalah which is the largest third city and stranding drivers are in problem due to this cyclone. Strong winds knocked over street lights and tore away roofing. Rushing waters from the rain and storm surge flooded typically dry creek beds. Also, you all should know that this one of the most famous holiday destination which is empty now.

As per the reports, five Yemenis and two Indian sailors were confirmed dead when Mekunu hit Socotra in war-torn Yemen on Thursday. Also, this whole cyclone crushed the Beachside areas and that’s why the government isn’t taking any risk and letting them closer towards the beach. Also, the reports are coming that this is causing heavy damage, Yemen’s fisheries minister Fahad Kafin said.

The government declared the island in the northwest Indian Ocean, part of a UNESCO-protected archipelago for its rich biodiversity, a “disaster” zone. Also, the did say that going there now isn’t going to make you all feel safe and you all should avoid going there. Rescue teams on Friday found alive four Indian sailors who were among 17 who had been reported missing when the cyclone hit Socotra’s port.