OMG! Kapil Sharma has always promoted home-grown talent, Check here’s proof!

OMG! Kapil Sharma has always promoted home-grown talent, Check here’s proof! :- The Kapil Sharma has risen from a small village to become the India’s best comedian of this generation. Although, the comedian-actor is going through a tough phase in his life after his controversial tweet.


Kapil Sharma is currently is in legal cases, but one should not his contribution to the India and especially, top the comedy world. Kapil Sharma has made millions of people laugh and belive it or not even in the going legal problem of him; his fans want him to win.

Kapil is not only a brilliant comedian, but he is a kind man who believed in climbing the stairs of success with his fellow one. Many of you are unaware of the fact that Chandan Prabhakar who is playing the role of Chandan in the ongoing show “The Kapil Sharma Show” is the good mate of Kapil Sharma.

Chandan and Kapil hail from the same village and they both were in the same class in the same school. Kapil has been a great friend to Chandan. Kapil gave Chandan a chance on his show, and Chandan cashed it, and now he has been the integral cog of Kapil’s show.

Kapil in a recent interview talked about his friend Chandan Prabhakar. He told media wing that” My friend from school, Raju, who plays the servant in Comedy Nights With Kapil, was selected. I was determined and again went to Delhi for an audition and this time got picked and finally became the winner in 2007. After that, I did a few small shows before doing Comedy Circus and then past one year started my show.”

Although, earlier there were rumors that Chandan was about to quit the show. But, Chandan came to the media and cleared that he is not leaving the show, and Kapil has been a great friend of him.

Kapil also helped the tabla player of his show Comedy Nigh with Kapil to groom themselves at the National TV. And, let me tell you one thing that those tabla player also hails from the village of Kapil Sharma. This shows how loyal Kapil Sharma is towards his friends.

Despite all this, few people will argue that Kapil helped Chandan and Tabla player because all these three hails from the same village. But, do you remember Sunil Grover incident, when he left the Kapil Sharma show and started his comedy show on Stars Plus?

And, when Sunil Grover’ show failed to make any impact and gone off sir, he returned to Kapil Sharma. Many people asked him why he left the show earlier and blamed Kapil Sharma for this. But, Sunil Grover made it clear that he had not a single;e issue with Kapil Sharma and his rift was with the production house. Sunil also believes that Kapil is the great friend to him, and Kapil is a better comedian than him.

Kapil Sharma is the great comedian, and he does everything on his own. And, when he is in legal issue one should not forget how he made us laugh in all the good times by his stand out comedy.