Mahi loves Satya! Jamai Raja 16th September 2016 Episode Written Updates

Mahi loves Satya! Jamai Raja 16th September 2016 Episode Written Updates  :- The last night episode of the TV series Jamai Raja begins with Payal is shocked to see that in the Sengupta mansion there is only Maahi and she asked to her that where is Koel. Maahi said she don’t know as she searched Koel in the entire restaurant but failed to find her and Payal scolded Maahi by saying that I asked you to take care of Koel.


Payal and Maahi both are worried for Koel and Satya bring her in the home also asked Payal that she is totally drunk. Payal said thanks to as Satya bring Koel to the home where he also taunts Maahi. Now Satya left and Payal asked Maahi to carry Koel to her room to get her on the bed.

Payal on next asked to Maahi that if she like someone or not and on that note Maahi asked to Payal that she is waiting for her Mr. Right. And Payal asked to Maahi that if nothing like that then you can marry Rahul as I fixed your wedding with Rahul and I want you to marry him.

Maahi is shocked and upset with the news but still she gives nod as she can’t hurt her Mamma Payal, Payal now asked Gangu Taai to leave the flat for that she has an argument with Gangu Taai and eventually Gangu Taai falls down and get injured, at that time is was Maahi who come and take her to the hospital.

Satya is shocked to know that Gangu Taai in the hospital and rushes to her. He surprised to know that Maahi took her to the hospital as well she takes care of her. Gangu Taai asked to Maahi and scolded her by saying that she is Payal’s daughter.
But Maahi explain to Gangu Taai that she is Payal’s daughter but right now she need to take care of her health and need to take the medicines’ timely instead of thinking these all.

Maahi also takes care of Gangu Taai properly which actually appreciates by Satya and Satya also looks at her with his loving eyes. Maahi also very sure about it that her Mamma will not take this flat from the Gangu Taai.
Precap: Maahi and Satya go close and Maahi feels the love with Satya.