Parineeta Is Shocked! Swaragini 14th June 2016 Episode Written Update

Parineeta Is Shocked! Swaragini 14th June 2016 Episode Written Update :- As of now the TV series Swaragini is going throng strong melodrama in which Sahil madly falls in love with Swara. And due to he is unable to convey his feelings to Swara, he has started drinking, thinking about her. Sahil’s mother, Maya tries to stop him, but all goes in vain and now Maya is worry for Sahil.

swaragini today episode written update

swaragini today episode written update

Now the latest report is saying that Sahil might go to any extent to prove his love for Swara. Swara is unaware of Sahil’s love and treats him as her close friend. She shares every single matter with him, and Swara consider Sahil as her well-wisher. Swara even starts hating Sanskar so much that he leaves the house, when she repeatedly accuses him, Sanskar husrt with that and he leave the Maheshwari house.

Now Sahil will be taking advantage of Swara’s trust, and he is all set to backstab Sanskar! Instead of helping Sanskar to get his love, although he promised Sanskar that he will be bringing Swara back in his life.

Swaragini Today Episode Written Update

On the other hand, Ragini is busy and tries to bring both Swara and Sanskar close with each other. In the previous episode Ragini said about her false pregnancy to the Maheshwari and the Goradiya family.

Ragini also bring her elder sister Swara in the Mahesahri house to take care of herself and Swara gives her nod as anything for the younger sister Ragini but when Swara sees that she have to share the mansion with Sanskar.
Now she fumes on anger and she said that she can’t live with the person who tries to kill her as Swara repeatedly accusing Sanskar that he tries to kill her. Sanskar leave the Maheshwari house.

But it is actually Sankar adopts a new man Krishna’s avatar without Swara’s knowledge and he comeback in the house to win the love of Swara. Now Swara and Krishna are like friends but Pareenita is in her evil mission.
Pareenita is busy accusing Swara that she ruin SAnskar life and all that but somehow Ragini hear the same and she come and slap Pareenita as Ragini failed to control her anger. Pareenita is shocked and looked on.