Pavan Fights With Rishi! Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 14th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Pavan Fights With Rishi! Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 14th June 2016 Written Episode Update :-  The last night episode of the TV series Kasam – Tere Pyaar Ki begins with Saloni tells them that she is their daughter in law. Rishi was disgusted that Pavan didn’t come out to be his boyfriend only but his husband.

But Saloni asked Rishi that you are getting it wrong. Saloni says that she is wife of Pavan’s older brother Akshay and Pavan is her brother in law. The family and Rishi are shocked.

kasam tere pyaar ki written updates

kasam tere pyaar ki written updates

She also asked to the family that Pavan is a nice guy and an ideal choice for Tanu as Pavan loves Tanu and Tanu will be definitely falls in love with Pavan as Pavan is the best for us. Rishi fumes on anger with that.

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Written Episode Update

The scolded Rishi and accused him that he try to break the relationship and wedding between Tanvi and Pavan and the family wants to know that why Rishi wants to do so as his marriage with the Tanvi’s cousin Neha already fixed.

And the elder said that even Tanvi’s marriage with Pavan fixed, shame on Rishi as he doubt the Devar Bhabhi relationship, Rishi did a sin. Now Pavan arrives there and he said that Rishi is doing so as he wants to break my wedding with Tanvi as Rishi is having lust towards Tanvi.

Tanvi was not there that time in the hall room as she was in the terrace with Saloni in order to console her. When pavan said so about Rishi, Rishi unable to control his anger and he holds Pavan’s collar. Rishi was about to raise his hands on Pavan but the family manages to separate them. Pavan fumes on anger with that and he oath to seek revenge from the Rishi for this humiliation.

In the mean time, Tanvi arrive from terrace and shocked to know the same. She runs towards Neha to explain her that she is having nothing with Rishi, but Tanvi shocked to see that even Neha accused Tanvi for the same.