Pavitra is shocked! Krishnadasi 20th June 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Pavitra is shocked! Krishnadasi 20th June 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- In the last week episode of the TV series Krishnadasi it has been shown that Aradhya is working with kitchen and Purva arrives there and she asked to her that it is strange na being Tuli’s daughter you blood did not match with Tulsi instead with Sashwat uncle your blood match.

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

Aradhya asked to Purva if she want something, suddenly Pavitra arrived and she asked Aradhya to leave the Rao house and Aryan. Aradhya says she can leave neither Rao house nor Aryan.

As she is Bahu of the Rao family and legally wedded wife of Aryan, Pavitra says he is not your husband, very soon you guys will be divorced and Aryan will be marrying Purva, the deserving one.

Pavitra also scolded Aradhya when Aradhya address Pavitra as Aayee. Pavitra asked Aradhya that she is just servant of the Rao family and she need to go out from the house as she is just a servant here. Now Aradhya looks on and she tries to holds her marital life.

Now next day Aradhya prepares Phoha for Aryan and serves him the same when Aryan was in the morning get ready and arrives in the breakfast table. Now Aradhya tries to get close to Aryan but Aryan says that you need to leave the house.

Now Aryan asked to Aradhya that what are doing so and why are you doing so, nobody wants you to stay in the Rao house, just go from here as even I am not now married with you.

Our divorce is done now, just go away from here then I can marry Purva as she is my real fiancée and I married to you as your Aachi compel me to do so. After saying so, now Aryan leaved.

Aradhya feels hurt and she broken down in tears as water come in her eyes and she asked to herself that she did not expect this from Aryan as somehow we were in love once.

Precap: Nurse calls Pavitra and says we checked DNA Aradhya is your daughter. In the mean time, Aryan drag Aradhya out from the Rao house and Pavirtra broken down in tears and says Aryan is my daughter. Pavitra is shocked to see Aryan tries to throw her out of house.

Now Pavitra announced to Aryan that don’t throw Aradhya out from the house and both Aryan and Aradhya are shocked now and the Rao family too.