Prakash motivate dhara! Tamanna 17th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Prakash motivate dhara! Tamanna 17th May 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The yesterday night episode of the daily soap Tamanna starts with Mihir dropping Shubhangi to her home. Mridula informs Dhara to come back, and Mihir is right now with Shubhangi, and Mridula asked everybody to come in the home.

Tamanna Episode Written Updates

Tamanna Episode Written Updates

Tamanna Episode Written Updates

Mihir tells Shubhangi that its lock here and now how you will stay here. Shubhangi says I will stay with Mridula and Mridula asks Shubhangi why Dhara gets anxious. Mihir says there is nothing to worry, I m her father, I took her to have some Kulfi, why Dhara is making such an issue about this, anyway, Shubhangi I m going now, I will come tomorrow to have some Kulfis together.

I have come here for you. Mridula hugs Shubhangi and opens Dhara’s locked home. Mihir till then leaves.
Dhara and everyone come home. Dhara scolds Shubhangi while Mihir records everything. Roy says to Dhara, we got her now. Dhara says I don’t like this, no one has right to talk in between, I m asking something, I told Shubhangi not to go anywhere.

Shubhangi cries and asked to Dhara that I go with Papa to have some Kulfis, I can go with Papa. Dhara fumes on anger that you have no right to go anywhere without letting me inform even with Papa.

You break my promise so now you deserve punishment and now you need to stand outside for one an hour. Shubhangi is shocked and scared now. She looked on Dhara and Dhara is very angry on her. Now Dhara asked Shubhangi to go out but Shubhangi has been seen crying and she is scared.

Sanjay asked to Dhara that you need to control your emotions and anger; you should not be, so strict to Shubhangi as she is scared now. Let her stay in the home but Dhara said she needs to deserve and get punishment then they will not repeat the same.

In the mean time Mihir thinks that Dhara is having an affair with Sanjay and Mihir had an argument with Sanjay regarding the same issue. Sanjay also call him a cheap man for his disgusting thinking.

Precap: Prakash tells Dhara that he is confident and asks her to clearly reveal everything in court confidently, and she will be winning the case then. She smiles seeing everyone is in her support.