Ragini Find Gun In Flour Box! Swaragini 18th May 2016 Episode Written Update

Ragini Find Gun In Flour Box! Swaragini 18th May 2016 Episode Written Update :- The last night episode of the TV series Swaragini begins with the shocking development, Sanskar will be going to the Sahil’s home where Swara will be seen accusing Sanskar for attempt to doing the murder of Swara.

Last week the episode of the TV series Swaragini end with the police informing the Maheshwaris about Swara’s body going missing from the river. They say they have to end the case as Rajat’s dead body has been founded and he is died, we should, now must believe that Swara is also dead. But when the police said that Swara is dead, Sanskar arrive and he asked that Swara is not dead.

Swaragini episode written update

Swaragini episode written update

Sanskar said that till then my breath is running since nothing can be happen to Swara, everybody now especially Ragini broken down in tears and Annapurna and Sujata had been seen crying. Lakshay is keep saying that Swara is alive and nothing happen to her and all that.

The next scene shows that Sahil founded Swara in the river bank where she is wounded and faint. Till now Sahil do not know anything about Swara. But Sahil bring Swara in his home where treatment with Swara done.

Now Sanskar and Lakshya will also land up at the Sengupta’s home but they won’t be aware of Swara’s presence in their house. It will be a hit and a miss. They will be meeting Sahil’s mother for some work. Sahil, in the process of caring for Swara will fall in love with her.

However, what is shocking is that Swara and Sanskar will come face to face but she will accuse him of trying to kill her. He will be shocked and traumatized to know this as he is madly in love with Swara now.

Sahil will also become more protective of Swara after this incident. Actually Swara has lost her memory, now she will be living with her mother and grandmother. There is buzz that she will remember her love affair with Lakshya and also anger of Ragini. Stay tuned for more updates…