Reliance JioPhone: Exploded while charging; Company said it’s intentionally

Reliance JioPhone: Exploded while charging; Company said it’s intentionally: -Well, the very big news is coming for the Reliance JIOPhone users and company as well. As per the reports, the news 4G handset which is already launched in the market is getting very popular and this popularity is can cause them some damage. As per the reports, some customers have already got the phone, while some are waiting for it. Reliance Jio is riding high with their ‘India ka Smartphone’ initial success.

When everything was going fine for the company, Sources said that a customer complaint that, a Jio Phone exploded while charging, with the back of the phone completely burnt and melted but the front part is intact where we can see the Jio brand. The company has responded saying that “this is a case of intentional sabotage”. Reports are saying that this blast is going to be great news for sure.

Also, the sources are saying that A Jio Phone exploded in Kashmir while it was being charged.  Even the charger is exploded too the image was first posted on Twitter,  the images show that the back panel of the Jio phone has totally melted, though the battery underneath still appears to be intact. The explosion did not affect the front panel.

Our initial investigation suggests that this is a case of intentional sabotage. The damage to the device seems to have been intentionally caused. The incident, as well as its timing, has been designed by vested interests to malign the brand. We will take appropriate action based on further investigations,” A spokesperson from Reliance Retail said in a statement.

This is one of the most awaiting things also, the reports are coming that the phone’s charger to have melted. When a Lyf distributor inspected the device, he declared that the battery is still operational. “iPhones are designed and manufactured with global standards, and each phone goes through stringent quality control process. The said incident has been reported to us.