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Furnished in the Blink of an Eye: Learn to Rent Furniture Online in 5 Easy Steps

Premium quality furniture can cost a bomb, especially in a country where almost everything is expensive. But considering your few months’ stay, you have every reason to rent a set of furniture for as little as Rs. 100 per month. It also gives you the freedom to sleep on a warm, cozy King size bed costing an arm and a leg, for just a fraction of that.

Why rent furniture instead of buying them anew?

The sharing economy is here with us, a concept that makes it pretty easy to rent furniture online. And we all have reasons and preferences that inform our decisions to rent.

You could be renting because you are relocating soon and you loathe the hassles of packing and moving. Or, you know you’ll get a windfall of money in several months, but until then, you can’t afford to stay like a pauper. Or maybe you need furniture delivered straight to your offices ASAP, yet your budget isn’t adequate to buy a new set.

Well, renting is an absolute lifesaver, especially because it isn’t restricted to students, those in the military or anyone whose period of stay is limited alone. You too can also take advantage of an insane offer, to get a feel of it!

Regardless of your reasons, trust me; renting furniture is all-exciting. You can get perhaps the finest sofas, tables, office furniture, baby furniture or beds for rent online.

Wondering how you can rent furniture?

To rent them, however, here’s the procedure:

  1. Make your selection

Having visited the leasing company’s online store and sampled the various types of furniture, making your selection is pretty straightforward. In fact, it’s a lot like the typical online shopping experience – you either handpick each piece of furniture individually or as a package.

Packages usually involve picking everything that would furnish an entire apartment. One beautiful thing with this step is the images that portray how a well-furnished room would look like. Some renting firms even allow physical visits too.

  1. Choosing the period of renting the product

Renting periods vary, mostly based on what you require as well as your budget. However, as indicated on each product, you may borrow for whatever period you would like – a month, several months, a year and so forth. One thing you shouldn’t forget to ask the company is what would happen if you change your mind along the way.

  1. Filling in the paperwork

Having had your questions addressed and the prices agreed upon, the next stage would be to fill out the necessary documents. And this also includes submitting them to the rental company for reviewing. It is a procedure that takes a few days, culminating to a phone call or an email, letting you know whether you’ve been approved or not.

  1. Payments and arrangements for delivery

If approved, you will be prompted to make the payments, as per your earlier agreements. After paying, the company’s delivery team will need a green light from you for the package to be shipped to you. The good thing with them is, they will bring them and assemble everything on your behalf.

  1. When it’s a wrap

The lease will expire once the duration for renting the furniture ends. Once it does and you still need to retain the property, you may contact the company and work on a way forward. If not, the company will come for them.