Riya & Anupam Come to Shanti Sadan! Mere Angne Mein 29th June 2016 Written

Riya & Anupam Come to Shanti Sadan! Mere Angne Mein 29th June 2016 Written :- In the last night episode of the TV series Mere Angne Mein it has been shown that Chanda and Mohit are chatting with each other and Chanda says that she is the worry for Dadi as Dadi is here and she now needs to rush to her. Mohit refused to let her go but Chanda says Dadi is waiting for me.

Riya & Anupam Mere Angne Mein

Mere Angne Mein 29th June 2016 Written Updates

Riya sees them and makes the video. Chanda gets to know about Riya and Riya says now she will show a video to everyone then her truth will be coming out. Chanda says to Riya that she is Chanda and nobody can defeat Chanda as Chanda is going to ruin Riya’s plan.

Riya hits her on legs and she falls. Chanda manages to snatch the phone from her and says now what will she prove to everyone and marriage will happen tomorrow for sure. Riya holds her head and then Riya calls Nandu and says she wants to meet him. Nandu is anxious and he asked Riya that if someone will see them, then there will be the problem.

Riya says nothing will happen and pledge him to come to her and somehow Chanda manages to run away from Riya to the house where Dadi is shocked to see that Chanda is hurt and Dadi now asked to her what happen. She says she went to the temple and saw a shadow like Riya. She was attacked and fainted. She still doesn’t what happen with her.

Dadi gets frustrated and says Riya has gone mad and attacking everybody so they should keep marriage tomorrow. Nandu says Riya can’t do this. In fact, I think actually Chanda is on the evil plan.

Shivam and Preeti arrive in the Shanti Sadan and Dadi says that Riya is doing black magic on our family. So you need to marry Chanda tomorrow. Shivam says that he wants to speak something with her Papa but Dadi says your Dadi’s decision is the final decision and your dad can’t do anything on that.

Now Nandu comes to Riya and Riya asked him that the wedding of Chanda and Shivam is fixed for tomorrow and I have to prevent that for that she want help from Anupam and police. Nandu is shocked and says that he is there to support her.