Riya asks shivam! Mere angne mein 22nd June 2016 Episode Written Updates

Riya asks shivam! Mere angne mein 22nd June 2016 Episode Written Updates :- Dadi calls Sarla and tells her that Shivam agreed to marry Chanda. Pari steals Sharmili’s jewelry. Nimmi saw her and calls Sharmili and Sujeev, Sharmili asks her and Sujeev caught her red handed. Nimmi tells everyone that she saw her with jewellery. She asks Sujeev to punish the culprit.

Mere angne mein Episode Written Updates3

Mere angne mein Episode Written Updates

Mere angne mein Episode Written Updates

Sujeev got angry and slaps Pari. She shouts at her and becomes violent. Pari asks Sharmili to rescue her. She tries to make stories to protect her and begs not to kick her out. She asks Nimmi to get the jewelry in her room. Sarla reaches Shanti Sadan with Pandit, Dadi asks him to find the best time for marriage. He depicts the time after 5 days from now.

Riya nodes Kaushalya to say no. Dadi asks her and she says yes. Dadi and Sarla become happy and dance. Riya thinks to fail Dadi’s plan. Dadi promises Pandit for reward.

Pari requests Vyom to protect her but Nimmi shouts at her. Vyom scolds her. Nandu is sad and crying. He feels worthless. His friend asks to join him in corruption racket. He agrees. His friend asks him not to go home as to know that either Preeti cares for her or not.

Dadi is worried about Shivam’s marriage shopping. She asks Preeti to go but she refuses. She insults her and asks to be her servant until she is living with them. Sarla makes the list of the shopping. Dadi asks Kaushalya to take back necklace from Riya for her new daughter-in-law. Riya refuses to return.

Kaushlya asks her again. Dadi challenges her to take it back as she wants to gift that to Sarla. Sarla starts her drama. Dadi asks Kaushalya to give the necklace to Sarla. But she is not willing to give this to Sarla. Finally, she agrees to give.

Riya challenges Dadi to stop this marriage anyhow.


Riya asks Shivam to talk, Shivam tells her that he will marry Chanda.