(SNS) Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st October 2016 Written Updates! Mansi gets very happy

The show starts with Premeila challenging Jaggi, Urmila, and Gopi that within 24 hours she will make them out of the Modi Sadan. Jaggi ate flowers and Urmila asked him to get serious for some time. On the other hand, Meera returned from the shooping with Riteish and Dharam fumes. Vidya notices Naiya smirking and thinks she will not let her ruin the relationship of Meera and Dharam.


Mansi thinks that Ahem must be thinking that I lied from him as Krishna and Premiela took the paper from the locker. Premiela came there and informed Mansi about a paper. Mansi shouted on her and told her that she always ruined her happiness.

Jaggi goes to meet Meera and Vidya. They gave him Ras Malai to eat and he eats it. Jaggi told them that he came there to talk to them. Jaggi returned at the Modi Bhawan and gave the bridal red dress to Gopi and asked her to keep it in the room of Mansi. Gopi kept the bridal dress in Mansi’s room when she was bathing. Mansi came out and thinks Ahem must have kept there and she wears it.

Vidya showed Naiya wedding picture to Dharam and he gets bit of emotional. Vidya reminded Meera of Naiya’s misdeeds. Meera says no one can create the trouble in the relationship of other two people, it’s just because of mistrust not because of the third person. Meera further added that Dharam loves Naiya a lot and he will never believe on her truth so let it go.

Jaggi dresses up like Ahem and went into Mansi’s room. Mansi told him that she is ready for the marriage. Jaggi told her that he will not leave this world with her mother in distress. He asked Mansi to give the paper. Meanwhile, Premila was in kitchen nd Urmila came there to engage her.

But Premiere understood that Urmila and her team is planning something against AMnsi so she went to Mansi’s room. Urmila informed Jaggi about it through an earphone. Jaggi created a smoke while seeing Urmila coming and disappear. Mansi picks a knife and put it on Premila’s neck and asked her to give back the Modi Bhavan’s paper.


Mansi will ask Premila to give her Modi Bhavan’s paper. Premeila will tell Mansi that she will give the paper as the wedding gift for her and Ahem’s marriage. Mansi gets glad.

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