SSK Sasural Simar Ka 25th October 2016 Episode Written Updates Simar Calls Prem!

SSK Sasural Simar Ka 25th October 2016 Episode Written Updates Simar Calls Prem! :- The TV series Sasural Simar Ka is now yet to showcases that Khushi to convince Anjali to get married and seems like Anjali will agree with Khushi as Khushi is the only person whom Anjali trust.


The TV serial Sasural Simar Ka further showcases that how now Simar will be saved Anjali as due to Khushi fixes Anjali’s wedding so it is crystal clear that she must have any negative intention for Anjali so Simar thinks to save her anyway.

Now Prem begins to look out for a match for Anjali to mend her ways, and on learning about the same, she is furious as right now Anjali is in no mood to tie the knot. Simar also thinks that it will not right for Prem to get Anjali married as now Anjali is not ready for her wedding.

Prem is unfazed and bent upon doing what he feels best for Anjali. Rita asked Roshni that she need to share her feelings with Piyush but Roshni is keen to make Piyush out of her mind as she is very sure of it that Piyush doesn’t love her. Rita also looks upset for it as Roshni is now ready to give up but Roshni also wants to have Piyush in her life.

Meanwhile, Kushi asked Anjali to agree to the alliance set up by Prem. She tells her that it would set her free from her parents. Moreover, the boy in question looks good and travels the world. She could live off his money and now Anjali can also enjoy her life post wedding.

Anjali now gives the nod to Khushi and asked to her that she will be sure thinking about it. Later, Piyush is confused when at the work site Roshni proposes to him and accept the love she is having for Piyush. Piyush now surprised to know that Anjali loves him.

Precap: Simar calls Prem. He says I don’t want to talk to you. Simar says it’s about Anjali. You are being hasty. Anjali is not ready for the marriage yet so Simar asked Prem that now we can’t get Anjali married and Mata Ji also agrees with Simar.

But later Anjali arrives and asked Prem that she is ready for the wedding and Prem also asked Simar and Mata Ji that when Anjali is ready for the wedding your opinion doesn’t matter.