Simar is dazed! SSK Sasural Simar ka 26th July 2016 Episode Written Updates

The episode starts with A man tells to Prem my wheel is punctured can you drop me to a schoolhouse. After that Prem tells, Ya! sure sir and also I am going there too. Then the unknown man stays with Prem and that man says to Simar I have taken a lift.

Sasuraal Simar Ka 26th July 2016 Written Episode

SSK Sasural Simar ka Episode Written Updates

And I will take the kids you wait in the car and after this conversation between the man and Simar, then Simar says I will arrive too. He tells you no wait here in the car simar and within a few minutes, I will come back. Prem recognizes simar and is surprised.

Where on the other side, Before this case, Where The school camp is going on and Anjali tells to her fellow I don’t wanna perform. I am tired.

Her friend tells come. Anjali gets her journey. All the children laugh on her. Anjali smiles and says you came?

Anjali tells you can nevermore be my friend. You talk about me back my tail. This is the vengeance. She tells I will oppose you in front of police.

Anjali states go ahead I am not scared, anybody. Anjali’s phone rings. KB is asking her. Another student tells phones are not supported.

Anjali tells OK for me as I have KB. Anjali says kb whence she made the celebration of her friend.

Khushi tells very well. Anjali tells papa understood I took money from his purse? Khushi tells I am here I will check all here. You can do anything you need. Anjali tells thank KB.

Prem asks Anjali. Anjali tells why is he calling immediately? She doesn’t pick. There are children in the school. They know each other tales.

Rohan tells why two fight. the girl replies we just fight for entertainment. Rohan tells what would you require?

They both tell chocolate milkshake. They command that three milkshakes. Owner answers there is just one chocolate.

Piyush replies I want it. Roshni tells I want it. Rohan tells what I just explained you. Rohan tells Roshni to let Piyush have this now and you can have that tomorrow.

Rohan orders two vanilla and one chocolate, Anjali reaches and takes their chocolate shiver. Rohan tells this is ours just one glass is left.

Anjali tells that moved yours immediately this is mine. I paid first. Roshni tells give this back.

Anjali misbehaves with them and decides to hit Roshni. Rohan holds her and tells she is my sister.

Anjali tells how dare you to touch me. She hits Rohan. Piyush tells you struck my brother. Rohan tells Piyush to stay there.

Anjali is touching to slap Piyush too. Teachers appear and stop them. The teacher speaks to Anjali call your papa and Rohan you also.

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