Sita Get Shocked! SKR Siya Ke Ram 26th July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

As the war already started between God Ram and Evil Raavan which is touted as Ram Vs Raavan, so the last night episode of the mythological TV series Siya Ke Ram was begun with Ravaan coming towards Ram in order to fight with Ram and Ravaan is having an evil motive.

Siya Ke Ram Episode Written Updates

Siya Ke Ram Episode Written Updates

Siya Ke Ram Episode Written Updates

Ravaan also taunted Ram when he had an encounter with him and Ravaan also called Ram that he looks as a weak person not as Prince or warrior but Ram remain unaffected of Ravaan’s bad words.

In fact, Ram recalled Hanuman’s words that Ravaan is the person who dares to abduct his wife Sita and Ram also thinks in his heart that if he wants then he can finish Ravaan right now but much before that he need to clear some important things with him.

Or Ram wants to give one more chance to him by which Ravaan can save his life. Now Ram is wondering that how can he go to Lanka to meet with Sita as Ram is aware of it that Sita is in the Lanka and she has been abducted by Ravaan.
Gradually Ram decided to move to Lanka in the disguise of Ravaan as when he will be in the mask of Ravaan nobody will be able to recognise him and he also thinks that he also need to meet with Sita anyway.

Now Ravaan and Ram had an argument in which Ravaan consider himself right that he abducted Sita as it is his way of taking revenge from Ram and his family as Ram dare to cut nose of his sister Surpanakha.

But Ram said that it is not his right way to seek revenge from Ram and his family but Ram also announced that but when Ravaan invites me to fight with him on the battlefield so I should join the same.

Ram also declared that he will feel bad if he needs to kill Ravaan as Ravaan is the highly educated person and people can have a dozen of education from him. Ram is busy thinking something like that.

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