Everyone Is Shocked! SSK Sasural Simar Ka 26th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Everyone Is Shocked! SSK Sasural Simar Ka 26th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show begins with Prem told Simar that you would come down with the bug. He covers her with his jacket. Simar takes a gander at him. They walk the first floor. Simar slips and Prem holds her. Simar holds up. Prem holds her hand, and they walk towards the shade. Prem the downpour is too overwhelming no? Simar takes a gander at his hand holding hers.


Prem says in heart adoration is covered then why wouldn’t I be able to see her in a downpour. Prem gets tea for himself and Simar.

Rohan says to Sumit father you think Prem and Simar will converse with each other? Sumit says regardless they adore each other. Piyush says don’t know where that adoration is lost. Sumit says once in a while there is dust on the mirror however in time we can clean it and afterward everything is clear. Perhaps same will happen with your folks.

Anjali kooks for Prem and says, father. Prem pays for the tea and sits in his auto. She runs and sits in the auto. Prem sees Simar searching for an auto. He stops the auto close to her. Simar sits in the auto. Anjali sees Simar suffocated. Anjali says father turn on the AC I feel hot. Prem says its sprinkling outside its not hot. Anjali says on the off chance that you don’t wanna turn AC on I will exit. Prem turns on the AC.

Simar returns home and changes. She has come down with the bug. Anjali says now she will be wiped out, and she will rest. I will be free.

Anjali educates Khushi concerning the five judges. Anjali says would I be able to rest here? Khushi says yes beyond any doubt. Sankalp is outside. Anjali says to say thanks to KB. Khushi says you rest I am arriving in a while. Anjali says would you be able to present to me a chocolate shake? Khushi says beyond any doubt.

Piyush says to Roshni mama’s telephone is off. I think I ought to call a landline. Roshni says you know how she is. She won’t impart her torment to anybody. She will say all is well. Piyush says what if I do then. Rohini says you ought to go to Bharadwaj house and sees whats happening there. Piyush says smart thought. He takes off.

Prem is in his room. He says I trust Simar is not that wiped out. She was shuddering in the AC. I ought to check.. in any case, then he stops and says what’s happening with me? Why would it be advisable for me to think about her infection? He reviews Simar shuddering. Prem goes to Anjali’s room and sees Simar’s dozing. He touches her and says she is a fever. He covers her with a blanket. Prem goes out and requests that Raju brings medication box. Khushi sees him and says what is Prem doing in Anju’s room. Khushi says to go Raju see Anjali. She called for you. Khushi conceals the prescription box.

Piyush comes in the house. Raju sees him. Piyush says don’t tell anybody. Raju says your mother is truly wiped out. Piyush says I ought to see. Piyush says I wanna meet her. Raju says she will endure. Raju searches for meds box. He says to Prem the case is no place.

Prem goes in the kitchen and takes water and strips. He rubs her head with those strips. Piyush looks in and grins. Simar holds Prem’s hand in rest. Prem reviews their outdated. Prem leaves the room. Simar opens her eyes and sees the dish by her. Simar grins and says Prem was here.


Khushi says no one will get the breakfast, Everyone asks why? Khushi says raju left the job. SImar says but we have to make something. Khushi says I am not well. Pari says me too. Uma says me too. Simar says I will make something for everyone.