Shivanaya ask Shesha to leave Rithik! Naagin 21st February 2016 Written Updates

Shivanaya ask Shesha to leave Rithik! Naagin 21st February 2016 Written Updates :- The horror come supernatural mythological TV serial “Naagin” has become one of the most loved and most rated TV serial. The fiction show “Naagin” has been successfully grasps the most of the TRP of the TV serials as well audiences’ attentions. Anyway as per media report “Nagin” is more popular than “Comedy Night With Kapil” and “Bigg Boss”.


Now it is shown in the last night episode the “Nagin” Shivanya is keen to seek revenge from the Ankush Raheja as well his friends for killing her parents 20 years back. We all know about that and Shivanaaya is getting help from her younger sister Shesha who is also in mission to finish Raheja family along with her sister Shivanaaya.

Now Shesha is living with Rithvik in his home as form of Shivanaaya as Shivanya is right now in another temple with her Guru and she is in waiting for the ideal snake who will come and extract the total poisoned from Shivanaaya’s body as she is bitten by a dangerous python. As per Guru Jee’s Adesh (Recommended) she is another temple and Shesha took the form of Shivanaaya.

Now Guru Jee is praying that in the day of Puranmasi please god you should come and extract the poisoned from Shivanaaya’s body as her life is important. Now it is shown that the Lorod Shiv arrives in the form of Sheshnaag and takes out the poison from Shivanaaya’s body and asked to her that now she is again blesses to be a “Nagin” (Snake Woman). But right now Shivanaaya can’t use her power she has to wait for it for while. Lord Shiv added further.

In the mean time, Shesha who is living like wife of Rithvik with Rithvik can’t prevent herself from falling in love with Rithvik. Will ever Shesha confess her love for Rithvik?

And how Shivanaaya will be seek revenge from the Raheja family? How she will take the “Nagmani” from Ankush Raheja?
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