Simar Hear Little Girl Crying! Sasural Simar Ka 23rd February 2016 Written Updates

Simar Hear Little Girl Crying! Sasural Simar Ka 23rd February 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series “Sasural Simar Ka” begins with Simar asking to break the door as they are left with no other option and she break the door and find Mata ji sitting on the sofa. Mata ji ask Simar and her family that who gave them the permission to enter his house. Prem say sorry to Mata ji for what they did. But Mata ji says that she will not forgive them.

Sasural Simar Ka

Sasural Simar Ka 23rd February 2016 Written Updates

Simar is now in mood to convince Mata ji to receive her pardon. Now Roli come and she asked Simar to do the puja but Simar says to Roli that without seeking Mata ji’s permission we can’t do the puja. Roli asked to Simar that Mata ji’s is sleeping in her room and she is in the balcony with Simar.

Roli said that please we should now all arrange the puja’s stuffs then we will seek Mata ji’s permission so Simar go in the downstairs and after going there Simar feel something unusual.

She feel and listen somebody is playing old songs and she literally has haunted feelings. As of Prem arrived and he asked Simar what she is doing here. Simar explain everything to Prem but Prem says these are all her illusions. Now Simar is in doubt whether whatever she feels that is real or her dreams.

Now Mata ji comes out. Simar is shocked to see her. Mata ji says that she saw her going out of the house when she was in her room and then she came looking for her. With the abundance questions asked by Mata ji Simar lost everything and forget all. Suddenly Simar heard a voice of laughing.

Simar asked who you are. Simar challenged the invisible voice that whoever you are you can’t harm my family as I’m always here to protect my family.

Now Simar asked Guru Maa to do puja as Simar arranged all the stuffs. So Guru Maa now start the puja but she feels something unusual there in the Bharadwaj house. Now Simar brings Sindoor and asked Guru Maa to draw the picture of the unusual stuff.

To know the reality the Guru Maa asks Simar to make a symbol on other mirror using Sindoor and then Simar see a little crying girl appears on the second mirror. Simar and Guru Maa both get shocked.