Ram gets shocked! #SKR Siya Ke Ram 13th October 2016 Written Episode Updates

Ram gets shocked! #SKR Siya Ke Ram 13th October 2016 Written Episode Updates :- The TV series Siya Ke Ram is now yet to show that Sita confides in Luv, Kush Luv and Kush apologise to Sita but refuse to accept Ram as their father after she enlightens them about him and shares her grief.


Meanwhile, Ram and Sita get upset thinking about each other while Hanuman worries about their sorrows.

The last night episode of the historical TV series Siya Ke Ram begins with Sita take Luv and Kush from the battlefield as they are Sita’s son. Luv and Kush asked to Sita what happen, why she take them from the battlefield, Sita announced with teary eyes as she is wife of the Ayodha Raja Ram and Luv and Kush are the son of him.

Luv and Kush are just shocked to know the truth and looked on. Pavan Putra Hanuman asked to Ram that Sita is in this Van (Forest) and Luv and Kush is his son. Ram is just shattered to know the truth. Pavan Putra Hanuman asked to him that he will be making Shree Ram to reunite with Sita, Luv and Kush.

Hanuman sees apology from Luv and Kush as he never discloses his identity to them but Luv and Kush also asked to him that they won’t forgive him as he did not reveal the truth. But Hanuman just seek apology from them with teary eyes.

Sita now cries for Ram as Ram was everything to her but still she have to live without Ram, Ram also cries in front of Sita’s statue that he can’t be with Sita forever but he also asked to Pandit Ji after knowing the truth that Luv and Kush is his son that he will be bring Sita here in the Ayodha.

Ram’s mother Kaushalya, Kaikai and Sumitra are also happy to know that Sita is safe in the Asharam of Van and think to bring her back here. Now Ram is engaged in plan to bring back Sita in the Ayodha but on the other hand Luv and Kush take an oath that they are only Sita’s son.

They also declare that they won’t ever forgive Ram for abandon their mother Sita.

Precap: Somebody asked to Ram that Luv and Kush are not Ram’s son as is there is any proved of the same. the civilian raised the question and Ram looks shocked.