Sita Refuse to go Mithila! Siya Ke Ram 13th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Sita Refuse to go Mithila! Siya Ke Ram 13th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the TV series Siya Ke Ram begins with Sita recited pleasant news that she is too happy to see that now Ram begins his reign over Ayodhya. She is now sitting with Ram, arrives to share his happiness with her but shocked to see that Ram is sitting anxiously.


Sita asked to Ram that why he is worried and Ram asked to her that we completed our 14 years of Vanvaas then why I saw a dream in which I saw you in Sanyaasi (Saint) attire and Sita thinks that dream is dream and she consoles Ram by saying that he should not be worried of thinking about dream.

Also Ram shares some good time with Sita and apply Sindoor (Vermillion) on her Maang. Sita is too happy to have Sindoor on her Maang as she fined Ram always being happy when he sees Sindoor in her Maang. Now Hanuman is keen to impress Ram so he wishes to know the favourite things of him.

Hanuman asked to Ram’s mother Kaushalya, Kaikaiyee and Sumitra to narrates him the favourite thing of Ram but his mothers said that we are his mothers but still we are not yet aware of his choices properly. Sita can narrate you Ram’s favorite things.

When Hanuman asked Sita that what the thing which is most favourite of Ram is, Sita said that Ram never differences of this society. In society, he treats everybody and everything equally. Hanuman now fascinated to see the Sindoor in Sita’s Maang, Sita also said that whenever I apply Sindoor on my Maang Ram became too happy.

So in order to impress Ram, Hanuman arrives in the kin court with apply Sindoor in all over his body but eventually gets upset on being mocked by the people while trying to cheer up Ram. Ram asked to Hanuman that he should not feel embarrassed as Ram actually happy to see him as well Sita bless him that while doing your Puja people will be apply Sindoor on you to make you impress.

Later, Sita shares good news with Ram that she is pregnant. Entire Ayodha is now celebrating the good news. Janak visits Ayodhya and requests Ram to let him take Sita to Mithila with him. Ram allowed Janak to take Sita along with her but he asked Sita not to go Mithila gradually when Sita asked to him that she can’t stay without him.

Citizen of Ayodhya feels bad to see that there is a Dhobi (Washer man) who is too sceptical of his wife and always he cursed his wife that she is having affair with someone, saint of the Rajya (Kingdom) also anxious as once they feel that Sita arrives in the Sanyaasi attire.

Precap: The skeptical Dhobi taunts Ram that I am not like Ram that I will trust my wife. The Dhobi further said that I wonder how Ram can accept Sita after she was with Ravan in Lanka for a long time.

It is impossible that Sita is untouched. Sita looks worried and hurt.