Luv & Kush Entry Today! Siya Ke Ram 23rd September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Luv & Kush Entry Today! Siya Ke Ram 23rd September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show stars with Ram telling Janak that I know your daughter has faced as many problems because of me and its quite obvious that you are angry with me, but I will not be able to answer any of your questions.Janak says, Ram, i am not here to ask you any questions. I am amazed that how you have such patience as you have separated your wife from you without whom you cannot live. Janak says even I loves my family, wife, and daughter but If I would have been in your place, then I would never have done this because I don’t have enough courage to do this.


Janak says you are Lord, and only a Lord can have patience as you. Ram folded his hand and started crying. Janak holds her hand and says you don’t need to do this.

On the other side, Hanuman/Maruti asked Sita to eat the fruits. Sita says I cannot eat such much of food. Hanuman says If you will not eat this, the what world will say that Maruti has not taken good care of her Mata.

Sita says she cannot eat and asked Maruti to gonna play with his friends. Ram appears in front of Sita, and she became happy. She wondered how you came here? Ram gave Sita food to eat. Sita turns to show her some clothes, and Ram was gone, and she cries hugging clothes.

Janak hugged her daughters and asked them to do their Dharm like Ram is doing. Kaushlaya folded her hand and asked Janak to forgive her because this is happening because of her. Janak says its just a fault. Laxman says he drop Sita near Valmiki Ashram.

Janak went to Valmiki’s Ash warm to meet Sita. Valmiki came to know that Janak is coming and he went to welcome him. Janak told Valmiki that today a father of Sita came to meet her daughter. Valmiki says meet him.

Janak looks for Sita, but Sita was hidden, and she was crying. Janak saw Sita hiding in some place. Janak says does Janak’s Janki will not come to meet his father? Sita says how a girl can face her father when the whole world believes she is impure.

Janak says the whole world does not know truth and Janki are the pride of Mithila, and she bring the happiness in Mithila. Sita runs and hugs her father. Janak told Sita that Ram is completely shattered without her and asked Sita to come to Mithila.


A lady will ask about Luv and Kush. Sita will tell my sons Luv and Kush went to the jungle. Love Kush came and touched Sita’s feet, and Sita smiles.