Siya Ke Ram 29th September 2016 Written Updates Episode, Ram meet lav & kush!

Siya Ke Ram 29th September 2016 Written Updates Episode, Ram meet lav & kush! :- The last night episode of the TV series Siya Ke Ram begins with Ram kills Lavanasur and Laxman manages to save Luv and Kush tell Sita about Ram and Lavanasur’s encounter. Meanwhile, Ram succeeds in killing Lavanasur. Later, Kush meets Ram and requests him to teach swordsmanship.


The episode further shows that Lavanasur warned to Ram that he should not come to him unless he will be killing him, but much before that Lavanasur could think anything Ram just killed him. Luv and Kush along with the kids became free from the trapped of Lavanasur and they all reached to their mothers.

Ram is sighing to see the kids are safe. Ram asked Laxman that why he is having some kind of strange feelings here as the air of this jungle is giving him love feelings. Laxman asked to him that I don’t want to reveal the truth to you but I actually asked Sita Bhabhi to stay here in this jungle. Ram became emotional.

Sita somehow follows Luv and shocked to see that he is speaking with Ram. Sita go emotionally too see Ram and Laxman and hides. Ram is shocked to know that this boy is not having his dad and due to Ram asked Luv who is his dad he thinks about his dad.

He also asked Sita who is his dad and Kush also curious to know so. Sita elaborates the total story she shares with Ram and she also asked Luv and Kush that their dad is busy and on the right time he will be meet with you.

She also asked Luv and Kush that their dad loves them a lot. Ram thinks about Sita on the other hand in the Ayodhya and he asked to the Sita’s idol that I feel your presence in the jungle. Hanuman is surprised to know that Ram feel Sita’s presence and Hanuman said then must be your sons are there, I will be making Ram meet with his sons.

Precap: Ram says I m such unlucky father, who does not know my child is son or daughter. Kush and Lav hear Ramayan from Valmiki and Kush asked Valmiki that the Ramayan is all about Sita and her sacrifice so the book name will be considered as Sitayan, not Ramayan.