Skullcandy Venue wireless headphones Review, Price, classy looks with attractive features

Skullcandy Venue Review, Price, classy looks with attractive features: Skullcandy is an American based company which manufactures and markets headphones, earphones, hands free devices, audio backpacks, MP3 players, and other products. Skullcandy is widely known for its attention seeking designed headphones with varieties of colours. The company has toned down some of the visual features in headphones. ‘The Venue’ is designed with classy looks and at first glance, it rivals Bose, Sennheiser, Sony and V-Moda costing Rs 18,999. Skullcandy has not only focused on its looks but would attract you with its other features also.

Skullcandy Venue review: Amazing battery life, fantastic audio quality

The design, the finish and the overall modest complexity of the Venue is truly a refreshing change. It has matte black finishing which doesn’t get dirty by fingerprints and the gadget is not spoiled by the dust.

The Venue is basically pristine headphone, with no unnecessary shiny additions on any earpiece. The headband is nicely padded, and so are the ear cups. Due to the plastic creation, it feels light to wear and doesn’t feel fragile at all. The Venue also justifies its noise-cancellation capabilities. On the left ear-cup, you will find the noise cancellation controls—or would see the two “X” on the outside of each earpiece which hosts the microphones.

Noise cancellation is now a much-wanted feature in all the latest headphones. The way Skullcandy have installed this feature is that you press the ANC button once to activate it, press it a second time to switch on the Monitor Mode and long press to turn ANC off. With the ANC active, you can still hear the irritating clicking of the keyboard, people chatting around you and even the noisy central air-conditioning units in most offices at a very low rate.

If you misplace the headphone by mistake or it is being hidden by someone then no need to worry because you can track your device with help of Bluetooth tracker. Skullcandy has integrated a Bluetooth tracking technology within the Venue. This feature is united in Skullcandy from a company named ‘Tile’ which makes Bluetooth tracking device. In this case, you lose the headphone, the jingle plays are loud and can be heard out easily and you can find them even if they are under the pile of clothes or inside the backpack.

Well, it is a new beginning for Skullcandy and a new step to its voyage. The sound isn’t perfect but is great and if you are more about up-tempo music genre lover then this headphone is best choice for you.

As the competition is tough for the Skullcandy Venue because there are Sennheiser headphones, Sony headphones and Bose headphones with noise cancellation capabilities, so, would you spend your money on Skullcandy Venue headphone?