WTF! Soumya is NOT a transgender in Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki show

WTF! Soumya is NOT a transgender in Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki show :- The colors channel’s premier show Shakti – Astitva he Ehsaas Ki has been the top TRP raiser show for the channel. The plot of this daily soap revolves around the life of Soumya, who is believed to be the kinnar by birth.


Although, Shakti show will now go to witness the thrilling twist as the fans will be shocked to know that Soumya is not a transgender in the show. Well, it is one of the shocking twists but it will be the twist in the upcoming episodes.

Th plot of the show is going to change and soon it will reveal that Nimmi (Soumya’s mother) gave birth to a transgender child but in the hospital, it got exchanged with Soumya. Nimmi and whole family misunderstood that Soumya is a kinnar.

It also means that show will feature the real daughter of Nimmi, which will be a transgender and the new character will enter the show and the show will continue on the plot of transgender.

Meanwhile, a show will also witness the love triangle between Soumya, Harman, and Surbhi. Well, Surbhi will get married to Harman in the absence of Soumya but soon, Soumya will know her truth and will try to enter into Harman’s life.

But, it will not be going to easy for her as she has to face her own sister Surbhi, who will get married to Harman. The show “Shakti – Astitva he Ehsaas Ki” was kicked off in the month of May this year itself but in short time it has grabbed numbers of viewers and is continuously in top 5 show of Indian small screen.

Well, with the upcoming episodes with full of thrill and excitement, it is believed that this show has a lot of entertainment to offer to its viewers.