Renault electric concept car Trezor Features, Specifications, Images

Renault electric concept car Trezor Features, Specifications, Images :- French car manufacturer – Renault unveiled its latest electric car called Trezor at Paris Motor Show. Trezor is an all-electric, two-seater car which comes with autonomous driving abilities. Trezor is 475 mm longer than its previous predecessor and  is powered by two batteries, both of which have their own cooling systems optimised by the air intakes located in the bonnet.


The company offers three driving modes: autonomous, sport, and neutral. New electric car – Trezor goes from 0 to 62 miles per hour in less than four seconds.

Renault said that The primary feature of advanced electric vehicle Trezor, however its roof which lifts up from the bonnet. The one piece clamshell roof of Trezor lifts much like the lid of a jewellery box to give access to the interior. The steering wheel of Trezor extends in width in order to provide the driver with a panoramic view of the dashboard.

The back side design is built using a fibre optic lightning fixture with integrated laser light which Renault says ‘increases the intensity of  the light and creates an interesting visual effect’.


Renault said that we are not sure now, when Renault’s Trezor is stated to be available in the market. Renault said that the car previews trends are likely to be seen in future Renault models.