Swara Kidnapped By Rajat! Swaragini 28th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Swara Kidnapped By Rajat! Swaragini 28th April 2016 Written Episode Update :- The last night episode of the TV series “Swaragini” started with Dadi is being scolding Sumi and Shekhar is the Goradiya house as Sumi is being pregnant and the Dadi announced that Sumi must abort the child as in this age they can’t became parents again. Sumi doesn’t want to abort the child and Shekhar support Sumi, even Shekhar fought with his mom for the same.

Swaragin Written Episode Update

Shekhar announced that Sumi will be giving birth to the baby and for that if Shekhar require going against of his Maa, he will be going. In the mean time, Rajat had been seen fighting with a man and his wife and shockingly that the man and woman was found to be the same person who pretends to be like Rajat’s parent.

Swaragini Written Episode Update

In the mean time, Pareenita noticed the entire scene and firstly she scolded Rajat for it and secondly she makes a deal that Rajat will be marry Uttara and then she will be reveal the reality of the Rajat in order to ruin Swara’s image as Swara choose Rajat for Uttara. Pareenita said she will be doing this to increase her image in the front of the Maheshwari family.

So Pareenita ordered Rajat to fix the marriage date, so Rajat’s fake parents call in the Maheshwari house asked to get them marraide in a week as the Muhurat will be very auspicious in this week and Durga Prasad now fix their engagement tomorrow. The entire Maheshwari family is very happy with that, especially Sujata.

Only daughter of the Maheshwari house, Uttara her marriage fix, so invitation done. Also now Durga Prasad called Shekhar for the engagement ceremony in the Goradiya house. Shekhar share this with Sumi, Sumi says this is great news. Shekhar give his nod that he will be going to the Maheshwari house with his entire family.

In the mean time, the engagement preparation is now going on in the house of the Maheshawri now and so Swara went for some engagement shopping, but afterward going out, it is Swara shocked to know that Rajat is a fake guy and he is marrying Uttara for property.

When Swara was on her way to reveal everything, shockingly the fake parents of the Rajat kidnapped Swara and the kidnapping order has been pass by Rajat himself. By the way, till now Maheshwari family is not aware of the same, tonight everything will be reveal in the “Swaragini”. It will be interesting to see the next climax of the show.