Shift Durga Prasad to ICU! Swaragini 1st September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Shift Durga Prasad to ICU! Swaragini 1st September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with Parineeta calling Swara and informed her that she has purchased the whole stock of injection and now she is god for them. Parineeta asked her to bring Ragini to her house as she insulted her. Swara told her that she and Ragini will not bend in front of her.


The nurse came there and informed Swara that we need injection quickly otherwise, anything can happen to Durga Prasad. Ragini and Swara come to Maheswari house.

Parineeta asked them to bow on her leg and then only she will hand them the injections. Ragini goes to bend but Swara holds her back and told her something. then, they both fell on the leg of Parineeta.

Then, Parineeta insulted them and clicked their photos. But Swara and Ragini pulled her leg and make her fall on the ground. Then, Swara holds her and Ragini collected the injection box and both Swara nd Ragini leaves Maheswari house.

Doctor gave the injection to Durga Prasad and inform whole Maheswari family that they came late and now, they need to do the bypass surgery of Durga Prasad otherwise, he may die.

Annapurna cries but Sanskar consoles her and told her that his friend is in the band and he will arrange the money from him. Sanskar and Laksh both meet their friend Vicky and they asked him for cheques.

Meanwhile, Durga Prasad was shifted to the general ward from ICU. Maheswari family opposes this and tries to stop them, but they inform them that when they will pay the surgery fees, then they will bring Durga Prasad back into ICU.

Laksh and Sanskar came to there nd asked why Durga Prasad has been shifted to general ward. Swara tells them that they will shift him back when will pay the money. They asked Sanskar and Laksh did they get money.

Laksh says Vicky denies to give the loan. Hospital management came there and told them that they can take the Durga Prasad with them as they are discharging him because they have not paid the surgery fees.

Laksh say do you know ho, is he? He is Durga Prasad Maheshwari. Doctor says he was a businessman but now his family kicked him out of the house. ALsh holds his collar but Ragini asked him to calm down.

On the other side, Dadi called Parineeta and told her that may Yamraj take Durga Prasad with him. Parineeta says we have snatched everything from them.


In the upcoming episode, Annapurna will ask why they are taking Durga Prasad out of ICU. Doctor says they have not paid the fees. Parineeta came there with fees and say I will pay the fees. She says even I will pay the hospital bill, if Annapurna came to her with her husband.