Swara is Shocked! Swaragini 28th October 2016 Today Written Updates

Swara is Shocked! Swaragini 28th October 2016 Today Written Updates : The TV series Swaragini is now yet to showcases that after tracing the shopkeeper who sold Lakshya’s phone, Swara tries to get some information from him while Ragini, Sankaar, and the police keep watch from a distance.


However, things go south and Swara is pushed down by a goon. A heated brawl follows, after which the police make the shopkeeper reveal the truth about the phone. Later, Sankaar is furious seeing Nikhil holding Swara’s hands.

Swaragini 28th October 2016 Written Updates

The episode further showcases that Swara and Ragini are standing with Sanskar and Sanskar humiliated Swara badly in front of Nikhil. He also said that he feels guilt and hatred when Swara’s name connects with Sanskar but very soon he also said that he will bifurcate the name like the way never the name can be connected.

Now Swara and Ragini thinks to search the Lakshay’s phone for that they take help from the police. In the meantime, by this process somehow Swara trapped by the goons and Ragini tries to go there to save her but stop her by saying that let Swara handles the worst situation as she was keen to be Jhansi Ki Rani.

But when Sanskar sees that the goons are torturing Swara he just saves her by fighting with the goons. Goons harm Swara to give her wounds but Ragini holds her. She also pledges to the police to search Lakshay as soon as possible with teary eyes.

Now Swara and Ragini come to Baadi and Sumi is scared to see the Swara’s wound. Sanskar is now going to the Maheshwari house and thinking about Swara that how goons tortured her. Somehow Sanskar became worried for Swara and he reached to the Baadi.

In the Baadi Sanskar is shocked to see that Nikhil is applying medicine to Swara’s wound which makes Sanskar furious to see so, he also unable to control his anger when he sees that Nikhil is just holding Swara’s hands.

Precap: Swara asks Sanskar why he is drinking! Sanskar says she shouldn’t be affected if he drinks and says it is his life. He asks her to go and marry Nikhil, says Swara weds Nikhil and says he will make the arrangements. Swara is shocked.