Swaragini 5th October 2016 Written Updates Episode! Goons attack on swara

Swaragini 5th October 2016 Written Updates Episode! Goons attack on swara :- As of now the one of the most popular TV series “Swaragini – Jodein Rishto Ko” is keen to focus on to depicts that being informed by Ragini about Swara’s plans, Parvati goes to her secret hideout to get the property papers. But to her surprise, Swara confronts her. Will she get hold of the property papers? Earlier, Ragini saves Shekhar from being humiliated by Parvati.



Anyway, the last night episode of the TV series “Swaragini – Jodein Rishto Ko” begins with Dadi is about to burn herself but on the nick of time Sanskar manages to save her. Dadi scolded Sanskar for saving her but Sanskar argues with Dadi and asked to her that he will be informed this to police if Dadi will ever try to commit suicide again.

Afterward, Ragini and Shekhar arrived and Ragini asked to Dadi that Papa went to the Baadi for someone purpose not to patch up with Sumi Maa. Dadi sigh to know that Shekhar and Sumi won’t patch up now. Ragini now make con Dadi as per she plan this with Swara and Ragini asked to Dadi that Swara will be having 10 crore from Adarsh Bhaiyaa by giving him the property paper of the Goradiya.

Swara and Sumi also did drama to discuss it with each other that now Swara is having the property paper. Dadi overhears this conversation and thinks to check the original paper which she has been kept somewhere else.

Now Swara and Ragini see that Dadi si going somewhere and the sisters follow her to find that Dadi is having an original paper in her hands and she has the same from her goons. Dadi is relaxed to have the paper but suddenly Swara arrives there and she snatches the paper from Dadi.

Swara runaway with the papers and Dadi asked the goons to follow her. Dadi also screams to catch Swara with the papers. Swara now runs with the papers and the goons follow her. Ragini looks shocked.

Precap: Swara runs to save the papers but the goons surround her. Swara throws the papers in the water. Dadi calls Adarsh and asks him to stop Swara, else she will go to Durga Prasad with the papers. Adarsh is stunned now.