Swara hides in the cabinet! Swaragini 8th September 2016 Written Episode Updates

Swara hides in the cabinet! Swaragini 8th September 2016 Written Episode Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Swaragini begins with Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) see pictures of Bade Papa and Maa. He says that he will work hard to rescue them from the torture of Pareenita ASAP. He promises to bring them home earliest and he also asked Swara that she is always there to support Sanskar.

Swaragini Written Episode Updates

Swaragini Written Episode Updates

Swaragini Written Episode Updates

Sanskar distributes chocolate to everybody as he got the job and he also applies for a loan by which he can get Bade Papa and Maa from the clutches of Pareenita. Laksh still looks worried for his parents and he asked to Sanskar that I know you are trying your best to save Maa and Papa but I think I think I need to find a way by which I can make them free ASAP.

Laksh (Namish Taneja) leaves the room and goes out. He is constantly thinking about the insults of his parents and fumes on anger for the same. Ragini call him to know his whereabouts’ but he said that he will be back to home soon.

But actually Laksh meet with a man and as per man’s order he have to deliver to the mentions address worth Rupeess 1 Lakh per parcel. He thinks it is his easy way to collect money by which he can make his mom and dad free.

The man asked to Laksh that in the parcel there is no illegal thing but he also asked Lakshay to control his temper unless he will be suffer from something. Ragini is sceptical of Lakshay and she shares the same with Swara that she is feared that Lakshay should not go in wrong path to arrange the money ASAP to hand over the same to Pareenita.

Swara asked to Ragini that she is very sure that Lakshay will not do any wrong thing and she asked to that just he is now worried for Bade Papa and Badi Maa. Ragini gives nod. Next morning Swara feed Mishthi Doi (Curd) to Sanskar as it is his first day in the job.

Sanskar bump with Lakshay and now the later already take the parcel despatching work on his hand. Sanskar asked to Lakshay about the same but Lakshay right now reveal anything to him.

Dadi get to know that and she informs to Pareenita that now the Maheshwari family is on their way to make Durga Prasad and Annapurna to make free. So she asked Pareenita to beware of the Maheshwari family.