Colors #TPK Thapki Pyaar/Pyar Ki 13th October 2016 Written Updates! Thapki to stop bihaan

Colors TV most complimentary effective show, Thapki Pyar Ki looks like an exciting interesting program, which gives the huge voltage potential that shifts to the Thapki Pyar Ki fans.


Thapki Pyar Ki 13th October 2016 Written Update

The excellent TV series Thapki Pyar Ki usually made to give goose bumps to the observers with its never moving dilemma action and presently the enormous crux of the show is to showcase in the current episodes that, Bihaan brings artists home while puja is going on and hits the dance floor with the young ladies. Dadi requests that Thapki stops Bihaan and says I know you are not Vani, but rather Thapki.

Actually, Bihaan tells God that whatever he did with Thapki wasn’t right and now today what he is going to do is likewise off-base. He apologizes and says today everybody will realize that she is my Thapki.

Where In the last episode, Bihaan tells everybody that he will give troublesome liner to visitor and requests that she speaks Pake Ped Pe Paka Papita liner and Thapki is stunned.

Where In the latest episode, Bihaan brings artists home while puja is going on and hits the dance floor with the young ladies. Dadi requests that Thapki stops Bihaan and says I know you are not Vani, but rather Thapki.Thapki gets weepy eyes. Bihaan inquires as to why she is weepy eyes?

Thapki says she is feeling terrible for Thapki and says she wouldn’t have gone a long way from you when you was with her after her mishap.

Bihaan says Thapki is not a long way from me, but rather close me and you will acknowledge this soon. He clears out. Thapki cries. Lo Maan Liya Humne plays, Bihaan is smashed and feels terrible.

Thapki supposes I will never acknowledge your words. Thapki is lost for always, from you and myself. I will make your conviction and you will acknowledge it. Next morning, Bihaan asks Surbhi what she is doing?

She says she is taking some folks interviews. Kosi says for occupation. Thapki says no, and says for marriage. Kosi asks whose marriage? Thapki says my marriage.

Preeti and Suman are stunned as well. Thapki takes the meeting and tells that she needs the man who can do an activity, he ought not to be quite instructed, needs the desi man who can communicate in hindi.

She rejects three folks first. Bihaan looks on irate. Surbhi inquires as to whether he can move. Thapki inquires as to whether he can move bhangra, naagin and so on.

The man is stunned. Preeti says she needs manikin who can move on her tune. Thapki requests that Surbhi makes the person drink wine. Fellow says I don’t drink.

Thapki rejects everybody. Surbhi says swayamvar is over. Vani says she needs fellow of her decision. Sankara tells that Bihaan has every one of the qualities which Thapki needs, and go to God to keep Bihaan for her as it were.

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