The 7 Best Werewolf Romance Books of All Times

For the genre werewolf, readers found it very engaging to know how the protagonists resolve their conflicts.  Romance is also one of the main reasons why many readers are trying the werewolf genre. 

Werewolf Romance Book does not only offer romance genre. It also explores many subtopics, particularly abuse, and bullying. From rejected mates to being mates of a powerful Lycan King, being the Pack’s Omega to another Pack’s Luna, there are more than werewolf Romance books can offer.

Werewolf stories can also be engaging due to the characters in the story. From rare genetic traits, hot masculine men, possessiveness, and strong Lunas. Get in the ride! Read werewolf Romance books here for free!

Part 1: Why Girls love Werewolf Romance Books

Girls love to put themselves in a character’s shoes and feel the emotions the characters are feeling. Since werewolf novels mostly consist of a female lead as the main character, girls love to read stories that explore their gender. 

Werewolf books had a lot of weak female leads who rose in the ranks and become one of the strongest characters in the book. Or they may be a Luna who can dominate their Alpha. 

Part 2: Werewolf Romance Books Will Make You Believe in Love Again

  1. My Miracle Luna

Author: Eunie

Score: 4


Rylee is the daughter of Alpha Mitchell who is known as fierce, powerful, and merciful. Her father was killed by Alpha Eric and his pack members and Rylee became the sole survivor of her pack. She was brought to the Silver Lake, Alpha Eric’s pack and they did not know that Rylee is the daughter of the Alpha they killed. But she was brought because they thought she didn’t know anything and from then on, Rylee became the packhouse’s slave. 

Unknown to Rylee, Ash, Alpha Eric’s son, awakens his wolf and found out that Rylee is his mate. When Rylee had her 18th birthday and awakened her wolf, she knew that Ash is her mate. She accepted his rejection and severed the bond. 

Later on, she was saved by an Alpha who claimed that she was his mate. Wyatt Valencia, Rylee’s new mate and the Alpha of the Blue Lake pack. He was smitten with Rylee and vowed to love her and mend her broken heart.

Read this werewolf romance book free and witness Rylee and her love journey.  

  1. The Lycan King’s Mate

Author: Bridget Marie 

Score: 4.5


Ava and her pack’s Alpha, Caleb, dated for four years but when Ava and her twin sister, Lili reached their 18th birthday, Caleb and Lily became fated pairs.

One day, the Lycan King Cameron visited their pack. When they arrived, Ava caught the interest of a stranger and he walked towards her and growled, “Mine!” He pulled her into his embrace and when she smelled his scent, Ava confirmed that he was her mate. Showing him where they would be staying, her mate told her that he is the Lycan Kind Cameron. 

Ava was riddled with self-doubt. How could a nobody like her be mated with the Lycan King?

Good werewolf romance books consist of conflicts. Will Ada accept the Lycan King? Or remain a nobody? 

  1. The Silent Alpha

Author: StephanieLight

Score: 4.5


Natalia is a human and she is also an Alpha’s mate. Four years later, Natalia found out that she was pregnant. When she got home to tell Christian about her pregnancy, she caught her sister and mate having s*x. 

She then told Christian that she was infertile so he rejected her. She was stripped of her Luna title and ran away from her pack, flew out of the country, and changed her name. 

Two months later, Christian discovered Natalia’s pregnancy. Her doctor told him indirectly. The frantic search for Natalia began. Three years later, Natalia have birth to sin. 

Zane was an omega. His father is the Pack’s Alpha but Zane was despised by him so he lived as an omega and was abused. At the fateful meeting of Natalia and Zane, will they sever the mate bond or be drawn to each other? 

This werewolf romance book will keep you giddy and craving for the next chapters. Will Christian find Natalia? Are you curious about what happens next? Let’s find out!

  1. His Redemption

Author: quirky.quinn

Score: 5


Azalea’s dream is to get out of the packhouse. Her parents were traitors and thus, she is branded as a traitor. 

Alpha Liam’s 17th birthday was approaching and as soon as he turned 17, his wolf awakened and he came to know that his mate is Azalea. Realizing this, Liam began showing small kind acts to her. 

Finally, it was time for Azalea to leave so she packed her things and followed Liam as he led her to the human territory. Arriving at the inn, Liam rejected her as his mate, leaving a note that he did this because he did not want Azalea to live in the pack. After all, it would not be safe for her. He also said that he will spend his life regretting all the bad things he did to her. 

This werewolf romance book is free! Everybody can search for it!

What will happen if Liam finds Azalea again? And why is the bond between them not severed yet? 

  1. The Perfect Luna

Author: Danie Taylor

Score: 3.5


Steven, the future Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack should have found his Luna a long time ago. He grew up with a good and loving family and pack where everybody respected each other. When he turned 16, he formally began his training as the successor of the pack. His pack members have high expectations of him. 

But before he can succeed in his Alpha title, Steven must find his Luna. 

Unbeknownst to them, in the human world, there is a person who wanted their downfall. Since the werewolves are showing that they are above humans, the King of Spain was very annoyed. He planned to create chaos within the werewolf world. 

Steven wanted to be an Alpha. So in desperation, he might do something he will regret.

Good werewolf romance books will keep you glued in your seat! Find out if Steven finds his Luna and the nasty plans of the King of Spain.

  1. The Alpha King’s Claim

Author: JMFelic

Score: 5


Aero is the Alpha of all werewolves and lycans and he ruled over them with an iron fist. But there is something that everybody knows about Aero. The Alpha does not like women and loathes them. 

10 years later after ascending to the throne, Aero was preparing to sleep but suddenly a woman materializes in the air and under him. First, he felt disgusted and annoyed, then intrigues by the feisty and fierce attitude of the woman. 

And Aeros had a time limit for his kingship. If he fails to have a wife forty days before his 29th birthday, he will lose his right to the throne. 

Now what’s left is Aero, the woman who seemed like she came from a different realm and his time limit.

This is one of the best werewolf romance books! Stay tuned whether the woman stranger falls in love with Aero or tries to go back to her world!

  1. Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Author: Alice Knightsky

Score: 4.5


Rosalie is abused in her home by her family. In exchange for money, she was sold off to Alpha Drogomon, famous for his cruelty, as a maid. 

She was taken to Alpha Drogomon’s territory and found out that she was not sold as a maid but as a breeder!

She eventually agreed and when their first night came, Rosalie was so nervous that the Alpha stopped after seeing her fear. As soon as Alpha Ethan (or Alpha Drogomon) saw Rosalie’s crying face, something stirred in his chest.

Read this good werewolf romance book and it will not disappoint! Will Rosalie be able to uphold her duty as the Alpha’s breeder or try to flee?

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