Today Amazing Task! MTV ‘Roadies X4 5th June 2016 Episode Hd Video Winner

Today Amazing Task! MTV ‘Roadies X4 5th June 2016 Episode Hd Video Winner :- In the last night episode of the stunt based reality show MTV ‘Roadies X4, some unpleasant witnessed by the fans which was at the same time arrogant too. Actually, the thing is when VJ Gaelyn had been seen giving some comment to Neha Dhupia and eventually those comments upsets Neha, and then she decided to walks out of the voting ground.

MTV 'Roadies X4 5th June 2016

MTV ‘Roadies X4 5th June 2016 Episode

Firstly with the comments Neha Dhupia burst into tears on the set of “Roadies X4. No need to mention that the stunt based reality show MTV Roadies journey is full of controversies regarding the panel judges’ members and the contestants.

The movie actress Neha Dhupia joined the show as a judge in this year since then; the actress is just witnesses’ controversy in the show but last time something happened which compels the actress to leave the voting ground in order to walk out from the show.

The incident happened when the actress who was busy shooting the final vote outs with the contestants and other gang leaders and Roadies X4 host VJ Gaelyn made some remarks, which did not liked by actress. Neha, who is left with only two gang members, got upset and burst into tears. She walked out and said that she is in no mood to host the show Roadies X4 from now onwards.

The source regarding the news of the stunt based reality show Roadies X4 says that, “This was extremely shocking. We have never seen Neha getting so upset. She walked out of the voting ground, saying that she doesn’t want to be part of ‘Roadies’”.

This is not the first time when the gang leader Neha is in the news. In the month of April, she also got upset when her gang members got embroiled in politics on the set. “Roadies” gang leaders Rannvijay Singha, Karan Kundra and Prince Narula are well aware of the format of the show and they are also used to the politics, but Neha is being new in the show unable to take the politics.

And so, the cine-artist breaks down now. The news is confirm by the Mumbai based news portal Mid-Day that, “Neha was extremely upset because of the behaviour of her gang members. She was almost on the verge of crying but Rannvijay, Karan calmed her down and advised her to be strong and level- headed”.