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Top 5 Contemporary Offline Casinos

The online casino system has taken over the gambling world due to the proliferation of the World Wide Web, and many people believe it has killed the offline or land-based casinos. However, the fact still remains that people who stake the real money and enjoy the aura that casinos come with do not stick with the online casinos only.

The two systems could be described as similar institutions serving different purposes. The core of what the offline casinos offer is still very relevant. People still want to go out there, with drinks in hand, and facing elegant and sexy croupiers, lay off their stress and the boredom of the society. There are five amazing contemporary offline casinos that still command the crowds as before and they are described below.

  1. Wynn Macau

This is no doubt the topmost offline casino of this age. Now, the Wynn casino range has two amazing establishments, one in Macau and the other in Las Vegas. Nevertheless, what you have in Macau is breathtaking. In both of them, you will have very high rollers who are ready to spin the cash as long as the casino doors are still open. Besides, the high rollers are exotic restaurants with steaming dishes and spas that can prolong people’s’ life, are unbeatable hotel accommodations.  Coupled with the amazing signature fountain and the water dancing show, the Macau property also has the massive dragon that is designed with shining red eyes. It rises up to 30ft from the fog and stands tall in the air.

  1. Bellagio

This Las Vegas casino is the five-diamond rating and has a very breathtaking fountain. The dining which has a lot of five-diamond restaurants makes it what it is. The chefs are the best in the world, and you can have a clear view of the entire strip from your room if you choose to. Some apartments come with a 24-hour butler and a private pool. The Club Prive and High Limit Lounge complete the astonishing establishment.

  1. Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

This is located in the Atlantic City, and it is the best offline casino there. While this city is losing its hold on casino gambling, this casino still flourishes. The spa and outdoor pools, the restaurants handled by Geoffrey Zakarian, Wolfgang Puck, and Bobby Flay and a view of the amazing beaches of the state, make this a heaven. It is where the big names like J.Lo and Diddy ease out. Of course, J.Lo’s mum went home with a jackpot of $2.4 million from here. That tells a story. According to vogueplay.com/br/, it is also getting a spanking new club soon.

  1. Tropicana Casino

When you get into Tropicana, you will definitely marvel at what you will see. Located in the famous Atlantic City, this casino has more than 2,000 rooms for accommodation. The slot machines on offer are more than 3,000, and the tables for the card games are several hundred. It has very spacious towers, and the shopping facility is amazing. Many tourists are getting to know about it and it is beginning to attract many visitors.

  1. Venetian

This is the biggest in terms of size. It covers the largest square foot to become the biggest land based casino in Las Vegas. Sprawling over 243,684 square feet, visitors can enjoy the restaurants, the spa, and pools, and can even take the fun to the adjoining Palazzo Casino, which is like an extension.

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