Trademarking Issues: Oneplus renamed “Dash Charge” to “Warp Charge”

Trademarking Issues: Oneplus renamed “Dash Charge” to “Warp Charge”: Well, if you are a OnePlus user or fan of the company then you must have heard about the how OnePlus avoided using the word ‘Dash-Charge’ while describing its trademark charging technology during the OnePlus 6 launch. You all should know that they didn’t use the name of the charger earlier because they don’t want to get in any legal trouble. Also, reports have indicated that online stores in several regions omitted the phrase “Dash Charge cables” and only referred to them as fast charge cables.

Now, you all shouldn’t get worried about this issue because they aren’t going to eliminate or stop making this type of feature. Also, the reports are suggesting that the name ‘Dash Charge’ is going to be rebranded as ‘Warp Charge’ due to trademark issues in the EU. Yes! You are reading it right due to the trademark issue the company isn’t looking for any legal trouble.  You all should know that the term ‘Dash’ was deemed too similar to Bragi’s “The Dash Pro” and Amazon’s “Dash Replenishment”, and thus OnePlus failed to own the trademark in Europe.

Also, the sources are saying that this technology will remain the same of course and only the name will have to change. You all should know that the tech is going to be the same and you all are going to love it for sure. This whole incident took place while OnePlus has filed an application at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for ‘Warp Charge’, and as per the report, it comes under the nice class of 9.

Some reports are coming that it basically covers trademarks on  “apparatus, instruments, and cables for electricity”. OnePlus’ trademark application pertains to  “Data cables; power adapters; cell phone battery chargers; electrical adapters; batteries, electric; chargers for electric batteries; wireless chargers”. Also, we have noticed that OnePlus had applied for the trademark on 13 July and it is marked as “under examination” by the authorities.