Shinde comes to Antara! Twenty Four 24 Season 2 11th September 2016 Written Updates

Shinde comes to Antara! Twenty Four 24 Season 2 11th September 2016 Written Updates :- One of the most thrilling TV “24 – Twenty-Four Season 2” is just having an amazing time on the Indian Television and the show is having huge TRP Rating these days with much hype and all that. In the last night episode of the show it has been shown that Jai Rathore has caught the virus dealer and Haroon and Roshan Sherchand have died as per Jai thinks.


The PM is really very grateful to the Malik as he manages to spare Jai. Every official is very happy after listening to this news given by ATO. Everyone in the Official of Medical Research team is getting annoyed and the PM to find an antivirus for this virus. They are all discussing and agreed to find an antidote to the virus because it is a very big threat to the whole nation and the world too if it didn’t get timely precautions.

No wonder why the show is having huge TRP these days. When Jai Singh Rathore comes back to the ATO everyone welcomes him and he just has a healthy discussion with everyone. He tells him that he is having a high-grade investigation for him, Jai asked everybody to a first enquiry about the guy who is delivering the virus and it will be reveal via interrogations.

Everybody is shocked to know that Mrs Nalini tries her best to dug out all the proofs which can be taken out by her and she is keen to know the information of Manik Shinde’s accident in which she killed a daughter of someone. She asks him to reveal all the details in the press as it is very important for her she thinks to know.

The scientists are looking for a way by which they can fight with this deadly virus. At the ATO when Jai meets his daughter and his son, his daughter was very happy to see him and to meet with him. But Jai’s son blames him that he is there to ruin his kids’ life.

So the differences between Jai and his son are increases now. Jai is feeling too bad to see that his son hates him but right now he thinks that he should not look after the personal issues of his life, instead, he should think about a way by which he can fight the deadly virus.