Chakor is stunned! Udaan Sapnon Ki 14th September 2016 Episode Written Updates

The last night episode of the TV series Udaan begins within the Vivaan’s house there is Godh Bharayee (Baby Shower Ceremony) of Imli is going on where everybody is giving the compliment to Imli. Every woman arrive there and cracking jokes with Imli.


Everybody says that is she will be blessing with a girl child as she now becomes more beautiful. Vivaan’s mom and everybody asked Vivaan that let him speak whether he want a girl or boy. Vivaan said whether I will be blessing with girl or boy it doesn’t matter I just want my kid to be healthy.

Sooraj is feeling bad to see Vivaan and Imli are now living happily as a couple and now all set to welcome their kid. Chakor smiling in the ceremony but she is also looking little bit upset as she will be lose Vivaan now forever.

Ragini is now in mood to complete her mission and she is working hard to accomplish her dream. When Chakor arrives in the Haveli Sooraj mum asked to her that are you come here for my son Sooraj but she says that I am here not for Sooraj as my marital relationship with Sooraj is now over.

She further added that I am here for my sister Imli as being pregnant she needs me. Chakor also celebrates Imli’s baby showered which hurts Sooraj and he asked to her that if you are now freed from this marital knot, it doesn’t means you should celebrates here.

He also asked to Chakor that he is now sinking as he lost everything from his life after losing Imli whom he loves. Chakor tries to make him understand that now Imli can’t be yours but all goes in vain as he loses his control now.

Chakor and Imli on the other hand decided that now Imli should proposes to Vivaan as now Imli is in love with him. Imli is scared that Sooraj should not intervenes as now Imli belongs to Vivaan.

Precap: Imli says I will tell Vivaan, I love you… She falls down and screams. She shouts Vivaan. Vivaan gets shocked, Chakor too stunned.

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