Udaan 25th October 2016 Episode Written Updates Imli & Vivaan join hands!

Udaan 25th October 2016 Episode Written Updates Imli & Vivaan join hands! :- COLORS TV most remarkable favorite program, Udaan looks like a marvelous entertaining show, which gives the crucial voltage potential that drives to the Udaan fans.


Udaan 25th October 2016 Written Update

The traditional TV series ‘Udaan’ excellently made to give goose bumps to the viewers with its never slighting dilemma way and speedily the specific crux of the show is to showcase in the best episodes that, Imli requests that Chakor concentrates on the objective. Chakor says we need to center to send Bhaiya ji and his assistants to imprison. Suraj, Chakor, Imli and Vivaan hold hands. Suraj says now we are as one, we have more cleverness and valor, we will win.

Where In the latest episode, Vivaan and Chakor are en route. She says we will get evidence from prison. They go to prison and meet detainees, guard. They don’t get any information. Vivaan says what will we do now.

A tea merchant says I know Kamal Narayan, I can let you know, yet I need cash for the family. Vivaan pays him cash. The man says corrections officer and assessor knew in regards to bhaiya ji, both are missing now, guard Yadav was a decent man, I wish he is fine.

Vivaan says on the off chance that we get those policemen, we can get confirmation. Chakor says yes, legal advisor lets me know Yadav changed explanation in court by some weight, we need to discover Yadav.

Imli calls Vivaan and says I got information that Bhaiya ji and Ragini are reporting something in an industrial facility, advise Chakor. She closes call. Vivaan advises Chakor. She says don’t have a clue, what new arrangement he made now to destroy us.

Bhaiya ji comes to Ragini. He says I got the milkshake for you and tries to end her outrage. She gets irate and says I got you free from prison, how could you have been able to you acknowledge Suraj, he attempted to murder you.

He says quiet down, who said I will pardon Suraj, I made this arrangement in prison. She asks what do you mean. He says I will say. Tejaswini gives tickets and requests that Suraj leave, Bhaiya ji won’t excuse you, I think he is arranging something perilous against you.

He says I know, yet will you remain alone. She says I will likewise accompany you. Bhaiya ji says I didn’t know Suraj’s response, I got neighborly with Suraj to know his shortcoming.

So I motivate opportunity to assault on him. Ragini grins and says Suraj does not know he is going to bite the dust. Suraj says I know there is peril, yet I m not a defeatist to flee, you go, I won’t have stress.

She says no, you know guardians can’t leave youngsters in peril, I can’t allow you to sit unbothered. He says don’t stress, I know the risk, I won’t bite the dust being uninformed.