Ragini aim Gun at Suraj! Udaan 28th October 2016 Episode Written Updates

Ragini aim Gun at Suraj! Udaan 28th October 2016 Episode Written Updates : As per the upcoming spoiler of the TV series Udaan to showcases that Kamal Narayan is an attempt to kill Suraj at the Diwali party; it is actually Chakor to save him anyway. Now Kamal Narayan is back in Chakor and Suraj’s lives to seek avenge from them. On the night of Karva Chauth, Chakor and Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) cross paths again.


Chakor is sad as Kamal Narayan has entered their lives again. She spots Suraj, who is equally upset about Kamal Narayan’s return. Chakor somehow goes faints and Suraj gives her water to drink. She reveals that she hasn’t eaten for the past two days. Suraj takes her to a Dhaba and they have dinner there.

Udaan 28th October 2016 Written Updates

Kamal Narayan’s entry has brought massive troubles on the lives of Chakor, Suraj, Vivaan and Imli. Furthermore, he has planned to kill Suraj at the Diwali party. However, Suraj is unaware of his evil planning.

Diwali party will be there in the upcoming episodes of Udaan where Kamal Narayan will invite Suraj for the party. As per the sources, “The Diwali party will be on, and Kamal will send Vivaan and Imli out of the house purposely. Kamal will make Sooraj get high on drinks at the party”.

Seems like Chakor would get to know about Kamal Narayan’s evil intentions, she will enter the party, dressed as a dancer and will be a dance there in order to save Suraj from the Kamal Narayan’s attack.

Moreover, “So Sooraj will be stranded all alone, and that will be when Chakor who would be in the guise of a dancer, would point a gun at Kamal and order him to spare Sooraj”.

As per the latest spoiler, while all this drama would be happening, lights will be switched off for somehow from the party for that time when Chakor will be taking Suraj out from the party.

It is may be Chakor’s plan to save Suraj and to fail Kamal Narayn’s plan. At the time of dinner, Chakor will be seeing that Kamal Narayan is coming there in the Dhaba. Upon seeing them, she hides under the table and thus gets saved. Chakor and Vivaan get to know that, someone has helped Kamal Narayan in order to get released from the jail.

Tejaswini fears that Kamal Narayan might harm Suraj and she thinks to send him to the Dubai. But, Suraj tells her that he will never run away like a coward. On the other hand, Ragini steals Suraj and Chakor’s divorce papers, as well as she, thinks to submit this on the court.

Not only this, Kamal Narayan plans to kill Suraj on Diwali night. In the last episode, he invited all the people at the factory in order to distribute Diwali gifts. The people were left shocked after seeing the gift. It turned to be a coin of one rupee. Chakor tries to confront Kamal Narayan for this and Suraj also asked to her that she should not lose her hopes.

Vivaan and Imli join them too and now the foursome including, Chakor, Suraj, Vivaan and Imli decided to fight against Kamal Narayan in order to expose them.