Malay falls unconscious! Vishkanya Ek Anokhi Prem Kahani 14th September 2016 Written Updates

Malay falls unconscious! Vishkanya Ek Anokhi Prem Kahani 14th September 2016 Written Updates:- The last night episode of the daily soap Vishkanya begins with, in the Malay’s house where the party is going on and Malay is seeking blessings from the elder members of his family as now, he is all set to marry Laila. Now Mandira’s husband arrives there in the party with Mandira and his daughter.


Vishkanya Episode Written Updates

Mandira’s daughter asked Appu where is Mandira Maa and Appu took her to her Maa, Appu is somehow sceptical of Mandira and Laila and she is keen to know the real motive of Laila and Mandira. Mandira initially on seeing her husband and daughter she said that she is unable to recognise them either; as well she doesn’t know them.

Eventually, she asked her husband that she said so that she can’t recognise him as she is angry with him. Mandira asked him that why he come late and her husband seeks apology from him.

Now Kalapana takes Appu’s Dida to the hospital as she is seeking. In the hospital where Kalpana take Dida and asked her to take rest. When Kalpana was about to call the doctor, Kalpana realised that she is not Dida, she is actually the ghost.

They kidnapped Kalpana and nurse is also Laila who is a ghost. Laila and the ghost call Appu that they kidnapped her Maa and Appu asked to them that please don’t harm my Maa. Appu also asked Kalpana that I will save you Maa.

Mandira asked Appu that she did this all as she is super powerful. Somehow by getting an opportunity Appu reveals to Malay that Laila is an evil spirit and Mandira also did drama in front of him that why she did not know that Laila is an evil spirit as Laila is living with her since her childhood days.

Mandira did drama in front of Malay that I need to leave this mansion as I am feeling shame that I fail to bring the wife for you.

Precap: Apu’s inner soul says she has to save Kalpana to buy her up like her own daughter. Apu goes to Mandira’s room and asked to her that okay I will be sleeping with Malay. She sleeps with Malay and Malay’s lips and the body turns blue as Malay’s body receives poisoned.