What Are the Essential Parts of a College Essay? 

Before proceeding with the task, you have to understand what is a college essay and what are its fundamental differences from other types of paper writings. Do you know what an “essay” is? An essay is a small-scale prose work that has an arbitrary composition and expresses individual thoughts and impressions about a particular issue and does not claim to be an exhaustive and definitive interpretation of the topic. You should understand that understanding of what an essay is will help you to make academic definitions. 

Characteristics of this type of writing

Specific features distinguish from other types of essays:

– The relevance of the topic. The question you are writing about should be related to what is happening now.

– Stay subjective. In the essay, you must clearly explain your opinion and attitude to the problem.

– Your story should move from private to general. It is not new that a quote is often used in this type of work. The author should be able to analytically summarize the dogmas and arguments that relate to the problem described at the beginning of his essay. In fact, there is no definite rule by which essays are written, as studymoose – essay writing website reviews showed, often in this type of work people use the opposite action: first, they describe the global problem that was touched at the beginning of the essay, and then they confirm it with a quote or other kind of creative approach.

– Small volume. There are no hard borders, but usually, essays take from three to ten written pages.

– The specifics. Within the framework of the essay, only one question is considered – there cannot be many topics or ideas.

– Free constitution. This type of constitution does not consider or reviews any formal structure. It often happens that the sequence of presentation of thoughts in the text and their confirmations are not logical, but the general meaning of what the author wanted to convey is not lost.

– The tendency to paradoxes (safe or scam). What is the main thing in the essay? To attract the attention of the reader, to interest him and ideally to convince that your thoughts are correct. To do this, you should turn to a tricky method: to attract the attention of a potential reader with a catchy, harsh phrase, which in the end will set the general tone of your work as a whole.

– Ease of storytelling. Your text should not contain obscure terms and complex constructions. Your main task remains to cause not only attention but also the sympathy of the reader to you and your work, to lure with simple and capacious phrases and sentences.

– Dialogue. This does not mean referring directly to the reader, but the general format of the essay. It should be in style as if you and the reader are thinking together. Use rhetorical questions so that the reader can answer them in his mind, so he will be interested in knowing your opinion on this question.

– The unity of meanings. Despite essay components freedom, all the key points and arguments should not contradict the judgments expressing the personal position of the author, but they have to be accordant. 

How to write an essay?

When you start writing an essay and a perfect essay outline remember, that you have to make sure you know the topic well. It is very important because you will have to write your own point of view, thoughts, draw conclusions and decide how many paragraphs should a college essay be.

To write your work correctly and interestingly, the first thing you need to take care of is the essay plan. Write down some specific phrases or phrases that would describe and confirm your opinion in the essay with their help.

As the concept of the essay is free, remember that you should not just plunge into the world of your own thoughts. Use phrases and sentences that will confirm your subject matter to help get readers interested and persuaded. 


As we already wrote, there are no clear parts of an essay, but its outline usually includes:

– Introduction. This is one of the most important parts of the work because it should catch the reader. If you do not draw his attention to your work from the first phrases, then he will not have the desire to read your work at all.

– The main part. This is the part of the essay where the author must prove his point of view using different types of literary revolutions: quotes, theses and so on.

– Conclusion. Your conclusion should be the sum of all that was said in the main part of the essay. But don’t make it too long.


Remember that the most reliable in an essay must be your self-confidence. If you are unsure about the topic you are about to cover, then you should not write about it. You need to be well-versed in the chosen theme and have a clear position about it. It does not matter what you write about, the main thing is to find appropriate arguments and justify your opinion.

To get a high score for an essay in a foreign language, you should pay attention not only to grammar, but also try to use a sufficient number of introductory constructions, stable phrases, phraseological units, and sayings to not only uncover the topic in an original way but also to demonstrate a deep knowledge of the subject.

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