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What is Hitwe? – Best Dating App Review


Hitwe is an online dating and social networking app setup on an internet based platform.  Hitwe was launched in December of 2015 and was designed as a social networking app used to meet people, chat, network, and build relationships.  Originally marketed to Asia and Africa,  Hitwe is now available in over 200 countries with over a million users daily.  Currently available in 16 different languages, Hitwe is working hard to make the app available to everyone.

The primary focus of the Hitwe app is to assist people in connecting with each other across the city or around the world.  Hitwe has had great customer reviews due to top rated customer service, user privacy protection, and excellent credibility.    Hitwe used strategic marketing and collaboration with Facebook to reach over 3 million downloads in the first 4 months on the market.  This marketing strategy allowed Hitwe to customize the campaign to the specific groups they wanted to reach.

With more app downloads, Hitwe was able to expand the target market and became a very popular app in over 50 countries.  In the short time Hitwe has been on the market, it has been downloaded over 10 million times.  Hitwe is a site that is more about creating and maintaining social networks by meeting people and making new friends in places you would not normally be able to go.  Imagine being able to meet people in Germany while simultaneously socializing with friends in France or Italy.  The future looks bright for this new dating app.

Hitwe apps

Hitwe is available on google play for android platform.  The download is simple and takes only a minute.  The Hitwe dating app is also available on the IOS platform in the apple ITunes store.  Hitwe is listed on the top downloads on both IOS and Android platforms.

Setting up a profile takes only a few minutes.  Once you have created your profile, you can add your interests from multiple drop down menus.  Some basic information and you are ready to meet people across the world.  In addition to the many features Hitwe offers, there are also games available for your pleasure.

Hitwe is an easy and a fun way to meet people regardless of where you are.  The app is great to use during lunch breaks or bus rides.  You can chat with friends anytime, anyplace with the ease of a single click to open.  The apps browsing capabilities are easy to use.  The Hitwe team has designed a top quality app with fun features while providing exceptional security for your personal data.

Hitwe app features

The Hitwe app has several exciting features available in the free dating app.  The simplicity of choosing who you like or don’t like is a simple click.  You are shown a profile that includes a picture, age, and location.  You can like it or skip it by simply selecting the X to skip or the heart logo to like.  Click on the profile to see all of the pictures that person has uploaded.  You will also see the age, location, language, and interests.

Don’t know what to say or how to start a conversation?  No problem, click on the blue conversation icon.  This will give you the option of sending your choice of 12 different gifts or a simple hello greeting.  You also have the option of sending you own personal message.  This is a great option when you want to meet people.

Like to chat?  Hitwe offers free chat.  The message icon tracks all of your chat sessions just like texting from your phone.  You have the chance to review any messages or gifts you receive and respond when you choose to.  You can send unlimited messages so don’t be afraid to reach out to the ones you find the most interesting.  You also have the option to send and receive photos, videos, and audio files.  Share your story with new friends.  Hitwe contact function allows you to add your new friends to your contacts list making them very easy to find anytime you want to chat.

The Hitwe notifications screen tracks contacts for you.  Notifications will show visitors to your profile.  Any profiles that you have “liked” will show up in your notifications.  This screen will also track anyone that has “liked” your profile.  The best feature is the “mutual like”.  This one will show anyone you have “liked” that has also “liked” you.

Hitwe has a feed link which is updated with new members to the site, or current members who have updated a picture or logged on to the Hitwe dating app.  Another nice feature is people nearby.  The feature allows you to meet people in your area.  Using your GPS, you can find other Hitwe members in your hometown.

A new feature called Pets is a fun way to track your daily stats.  First you will select your favorite animal from the available choices.  You then get to name your pet and begin daily quests.  Your quests consist of completing different tasks within your profile.  Tasks such as adding photos, getting 8 likes from other people, reply to messages, login daily for 5 days, and adding interests to your profile are the methods you earn rewards along with experience points.  The experience points are collected to achieve higher levels.  You can also visit the shop to buy cool accessories for your pet.  The cost is hearts which are earned by completing the daily quests.  Each time you visit your profile, you can visit your favorite pet and advance through the daily quests together.

Hitwe Premium

Hitwe offers a premium subscription which gives you access to even more exciting features.  Premium subscription to the dating app allows you to

  • Disable the ads - No distraction while reviewing profiles to meet people.
  • Top users - a feature that shows the most active member.
  • Always on top - displays your profile at the top of the page.  Imagine how many more people you will meet always being one of the first profiles viewed.
  • Premium messages appear first.
  • Know when read,- will inform you when your message was read
  • Unlock all visitors – Unlocks everyone
  • Unlimited likes – Allows unlimited likes
  • Unlimited amount of saved contacts – Save as many friends as you want.

These are some exceptional capabilities available to premium members.  The cost for these amazing features is very reasonable.  Premium memberships are between $5.75 and $9.00 per month.  this is a very small price for the power the app provides.

Tips and tricks

  • Find people who interest you and send them a message.
  • Read message you receive and respond to show your interest.
  • Be yourself. Let them decide if they like the real you.
  • Arrange a date only after you are comfortable with the person.
  • Report anyone who asks for money.
  • Have fun and enjoy meeting new people.

Up’s and Down’s

Hitwe is easy to use with several great features.  The download only takes a minute and the profile setup is just as easy.  From download to being set up and ready to meet people takes about 5 minutes.  Hitwe offers free messaging for all members.  The notifications link makes it simple to view your visitors, likes, and mutual likes.  Hitwe offers a GPS link that allows you to search for people near you.  Never miss the opportunity to meet new members. The feed feature keeps you up to date on new members along with new posts by current members.

Hitwe is always working to improve the dating app.  Because Hitwe is new and still growing, the number of members in some areas is low.  The free version of Hitwe features ads which can distract the user.  The feature that allows you to add interests is strictly a drop down selection.  I would like the option to enter additional information about myself.

Protecting against Spammers

All online dating apps have issues with those who seek to profit from unsuspecting users.  Hitwe is constantly working to keep these people off the site.  There are several scams that people will use to try and get you to give them money.

A favorite in Nigeria and Ghann is called the emergency scam.  The goal is to develop a deep “love” relationship very quickly.  Once the scammer thinks they have you, they will tell you a story about some tragedy such as cancer or serious injury.  This is when they ask you for money.  If you give it to them they will cut off the communication.  Charity scams, business investment scams, ticket scams and health scams are some of the more popular ways of trying to take your money.  My personal favorite is the one that claims to have a large amount of money and they need you to help them get it out of the country.  Once you give them your account information, they will take the money from your account and disappear.

Hitwe is constantly checking for potential scam scripts commonly used.  It only takes a couple of messages to spot a scammer.  These scammers will use fake photos of celebrities, elderly people with health issues, or photos with a fee included.  Never respond to these types of messages.  Anyone who asks for money is a fake.

The semi-automatic image system scans all images for any text or objects in the photo.  The text is read and the objects are analyzed with the use of Google Cloud Vision API.  Hitwe has a team of moderators who check every questionable image uploaded.  These team members work tirelessly to catch and remove any scammers they identify.

Hitwe asks your assistance in keeping the site free from these scammers.  If you are contacted by someone you believe to be running a scam, press the “complain button” and report them.  You are also encouraged to contact the support team and send a screen shot of the photo.  The team will make sure to remove them from the site and assure the protection of the honest members who use the app on a regular basis.  Hitwe strives to keep the dating site safe and fun for all users.

Follow a few simple rules and you will remain safe and enjoy the app.

  • Do not give money to anyone.
  • Check the profile.  Ask for more photos to confirm who they are.
  • Instant love connections are a red flag.
  • Research the person.  Check the places they talk about and assure they are real.
  • An identity theft protection service is also a good idea.

Hitwe wants all members to have an enjoyable and safe experience when using the dating app.  Follow the steps listed to help keep you safe from all scams.

What Hitwe offers

Hitwe offers an easy and fun way to meet people.  The app is easy to download and creating a profile is a snap.  Hitwe has created an app that allows people in Germany to talk with people in the United States or people in Asia to talk with people in Africa.  You can connect with other members around the world.

Hitwe offers free messaging when other apps require a paid membership.  The benefits of the free version are amazing.  Hitwe premium offers even more fun features.  Hitwe offers a team that will work tirelessly to keep your online dating experience as and secure as possible.


Final Thoughts

With today’s society moving more into the electronic era, online dating has become the norm.  There is simplicity in turning on the computer or smartphone and opening a simple app.  Hitwe is fun and easy to use and contains a lot of free features.  Hitwe has a bright future with a market that is constantly moving into the digital age.  A dating app like Hitwe, offers a safe simple way to meet people and develop relationships across town or around the world.  The premium enrollment offers additional fun features but is not a necessity to be able to meet and message people.

The process of matching up with another member is quite simple.  Creating your new account doesn’t require answering a hundred questions.  You are presented profiles to review.  You choose to like, ignore, or send a message.  Hitwe is a great way to meet people if you are new to town and not really the “bar scene” kind of person.

A 2013 study show that 60 percent of all new marriages in the USA started with an online date.  The future is the online dating age.  Join the rush and download Hitwe.  As the membership grows, your pool of perfect possibilities grows.  There are a lot of dating sites to choose from.  Hitwe is one of the best new comers to the market.  Remember, when using any online dating site or app; always make sure you are safe from the scammers out there.

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