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Why Augmented Reality Is the Future

Augmented reality defines the technology that forms computer-generated images, which a user sees in real world. A physical environment is formed whereby the elements in it are augmented and produced via real-world sensory inputs like video, audio, GPS data or graphics.


Reasons why Augmented Reality is likely to be the future

Technology experts like Microsoft, Google and Facebook are doing their best to stand out in Augmented Reality. They are doing so because:

1. Apple AR Kit launching

With this kit, Apple bets on the Augmented Reality future. This kit lets AR apps developers to incorporate digital encounters into the real world. The apps will be compatible with iOS 11 which will be released along with the iPhone X (the current flagship Smartphone for Apple).

2. Social media embracing AR

Facebook for instance is working on including AR. It is working on AR smart glasses to utilize AR power in its platform.

3. Marketing will change

Augmented Reality is an innovative way of interacting with clients and everyone else. Companies that specialize in advertising are likely to tap into the AR possibilities to enhance how to talk to customers. AR for example allows 3D creation thinking where a person can see ads ahead of them and around them. Because of high resolution, AR also permits comprehensive ads.

4. Increase the number of people who embrace AR

Most people have embraced AR: there has been an increase in the number of AR shipment. Even the number of book of ra deluxe Pokemon Go users shows where technology is headed.

5. Several apps are including AR

Most apps are already using AR and many more will be added. Developers are working towards creating apps that are based on AR.  Examples of apps which have AR are:

  • Pokemon Go: It uses GPS to tell location and take the user to a certain game avatar while the camera shows Pokemon in reality.
  • Ink Hunter: It is used to determine the right tattoo for a person and it also determines the part of the body where it can fit. This is achieved through testing tattoos within the app with one’s designs.
  • Flirter: This is the first ever AR dating app which allows flirting in augmented reality and meeting a person in real world. It also allows users to use phones to scan the places they are at and connect with other users.


Also, the recent Apple iPhone promises users with a wonderful feature which will enable them to explore the world using AR. Some of the features in this release are a camera and the A11 Bionic chip that allows AR processing. This will also be loved by baseball players in the MLB. Attendants will use that camera to see players’ stats in real time by looking at a player on the device’s screen.


Without doubt, augmented reality is going to be part of people’s’ everyday live and will bring great changes to the environment.