Zindagi Ki Mahek 30th September 2016 Written Updates! Mahek eat energy bar

Zindagi Ki Mahek 30th September 2016 Written Updates! Mahek eat energy bar :- The show starts with PD shouting and everyone gathered there. Pd was using her cell phone and all asked her what happened? PD told family members that she got 1000 followers on the Twitter. Nehal congratulates her and Mahek says she will make sweet for her in morning. Kanta thinks.


Mahek was sleeping and Kanta asked her to wake up as she cannot sleep in her laws house. Mahek asked Kanta to let her sleep as she has cooked breakfast earlier. Kanta says your mother pride is at stake, you need to wake up. Mahek wakes up and hugs Kanta.

Mahek and Kanta were seen in the kitchen checking all the ingredient. Kanta asked Mahek what she should cook? Mahek told her different dishes. Kanta asked Nehal to bring vegetables. Mansi came there and offered Mahek sweets but Kanta denied and told Mansi that Mahek will not eat only food as she is on diet.

Kanta asked Nehal to give her dress to Mahek but Nehan refused by saying that dress will get tear up. Kanta scold Nehal. Kanta and Mansi were trying to put Mahek in Nehal’s dress but dress fit tore and Kanta asked Mansi to make Mahek were her suit.

Jeetan called cab driver and Kanta informed Pammi that all of them will reach the destination by their time. Mahek came there and Mohit complimented her that she is looking gorgeous in this dress. Then the whole family leaves for the competition.

Mahek and rest of the family members reached the venue and Mahek fell down on the big poster of Shaurya. Pammi asked Mahek to not cook like she usually used to walk.

Mohit told Jeevan that the poster boy is Shaurya Khanna and he has made name by opening a hotel at such tender age. Jeevan says I will open a dress shop for you.

Mohit brings Mahek to soda stall and offered her juice. Mohit asked Mahek to go and he will pay the amount. Shaurya came there and girls say how Shaurya came here as he usually never used to go anywhere.

Shaurya told his companion that he will not taste this middle-class food and he is just here for the sake of our company. Mahek was standing near Shaurya and she gets unconscious and fell down. Shaurya avoided her and walks. Some people shouts that a girl fell unconscious. Shuarya looks back.


Shaurya will make Mahek eat an energy bar. Mahek will say aaeeww. Shaurya says to eat it as it is energy bar nothing bad. They stood up and share eye lock.