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6 Trendy Cake Decorating Ideas in 2018

Cakes have always been everyone’s favorite part of the party. What makes them more special and irresistible is the dressing on the top. From those gauzy sugar ruffles to evil drizzles, these mouth-watering recipes always make a sweet statement and have everyone at the table begging for more. So today, for the sake of cake lovers, we have shortlisted six most gorgeous cake decoration trends from some of the famous online bakeries such as bakeway.com that can make you a happy camper at the party.


All thanks to movies such as Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy, bakers like in Pune these days have started to check on these space-inspired cake recipes that are simply amazing. Galaxy cakes are an outbreak of those boldest and darkest black cake styles that are made using black food color gel with more challenging textures and colors.


Meringue cakes have always been in trend but what is picking up speed this year is the methods of using meringue. The meringue or marshmallow icing holds the top place on a cake forming tiny-shiny peaks. These days you can also see a dose of golden or silver color produced with a food color gels and piping bag. So, dig out the heap of a glossy meringue from your naked cake to pamper its top and slide over the edge.

3.Organic Flowers

Bakers these days are using organic flowers to enrich the color and texture of their cake recipes. Before stationing these flowers on a cake platform, the cake decorators make sure that they are edible and free from pets. Some bakers grow their own garden and pick these fresh and edible flowers on the same day they want to use them. So try these gorgeous natural pops of different colors that are the product of perfect decorating and gardening.


Isomalt glops elegance, flair, and drama with its capability to form gleaming sculptures. This crystalline and versatile substance, once melted and cooked, is poured into molds and later pulled into different shapes. It’s definitely safe and yummy to eat and is sometimes flavored with extracts and tinted with food color gels. These Isomalt are used on special occasion cakes such as weddings or anniversaries.


Metallic cakes look classy on every occasion from receptions to birthday parties. We, here are not talking about those silver or gold vintage styles, but of an old-Hollywood look or glamorous art-deco. The best part about these cake styles is they can easily adapt every cake style starting from delicate embroidery in gold opulent to geometric-modern shapes.


These naked style cakes will leave your mouthwatering fillings on full display. If it’s a summertime wedding, they work well with fresh berries while you can always choose to go with apples, blood oranges, pears, and persimmons. These naked cakes are the feast for your eyes and appetite, especially for low-key celebration or rustic occasions.

Ready for a Big Treat?

Cakes, no matter what style they belong to, are always everyone’s favorite. We here have mentioned some styles that are on the top of the list in 2018. If you have any other styles in mind, do leave a comment below and we’ll love to hear your ideas. And if these trends have left your mouth a little watery, head no more than bakeway.com and give a refreshing treat to your taste buds.