Apple to setup manufacturing unit in Bengaluru

Apple to setup manufacturing unit in Bengaluru :- It looks like it will now finally happen when Apple starts manufacturing their smartphones in India itself. According to the news, Apple will set up the manufacturing center in Bengaluru to get the opportunities to settle up the foot in the world’s second-largest smartphone user country.It is believed that the local manufacture will help Apple to settle down the manufacturing unit in the Bengaluru. With I-Phone getting manufactured in India, the price of it will cut down to the minimum due to the exclusion of the 12.2 percent of the VAT imposed on the import of it to India.

According to the government reports, the I-Phones will be manufactured by the by Wistron, a Taiwanese OEM maker for Apple. The government official informed media wing that “Wistron has plans for setting up iPhone manufacturing plant for the domestic market in Peenya.”

He further added that the Bengaluru city has the kind of talent that will be used in manufacturing Apple works and thus, we have chosen this place. Also, Foxconn, the company that manufactured smartphones for Apple had come with the same plan in earlier part of the year. Meanwhile, Apple had announced that they are working on the other prospects in setting up unit in Bengaluru and it was also the part of the visit of CEO of Apple, Tim Cook to India.

Apple has been in talk with Indian government regarding the several taxes and other incentives to enter India in the manufacturing sector to expand their business in India.