Anupama Latest Episode Upcoming Story 16 September 2023

The episode starts with Gurumaa touching Anuj’s cheeks and saying I have seen you after many days, you don’t know how anxious I was to see you. She questions him where were you from so long? Anuj is surprised and tells her to move her feet back. Meanwhile, Anupama comes to both of them and tells them what has happened. When Anuj does not respond to her request, Anupama asks him to go home. After listening to Anupama, Gurumaa asks which house. Anupama tells Guruma that our house. After that Ankush tells Barkha not to look back at him.


Anupama Written Update 16 September 2023

Barkha tells him that now she will not do anything as she knows what her son has done. Ankush says I knew you would do something like this and also asks her what she wants to prove now. She tells him that this time Romil has made a mistake but he keeps covering up Adhik’s mistakes. There is an argument between the two and Barkha says that her brother has not done anything. She thinks of giving Romil a second chance and says that if he makes any mistake again, she will make it up to him.

Pakhi is found and everyone together thanks God. Pakhi forgives Romil. But everyone is surprised to know this and tells Pakhi not to do this because what Romil did to her was unforgivable. Kavya says that she did not understand the price and she is sure that Romil will improve. Vanraj responds to his words and says that you are mature, but what will we do if Romil does something wrong due to his immaturity? Hearing the argument going on between the two, Babu ji says that everything is fine.

Baa says that Gurumaa has returned. Lata prepares cold coffee for Pakhi and Barkha is very happy to see them together. Barkha, says that both of you should go on a date somewhere. He would rather say that he is thinking of going to a movie or a dinner date. Pakhi also asks Romil to go watch a movie with her but Romil says that he has work, then Pakhi says that she will help him in getting his work done. An argument breaks out between Anuj and Anupama regarding Malti Devi. Meanwhile, Aadi and Pakhi also come there. Guruma told him that he should not stay here. Anuj asks Anu to understand them. Barkha says that they bring home the people they meet on the street. Pakhi asks why is she like this. Meanwhile, Ankush says that his mental condition is complex. Anuj does not like Malti Devi’s behavior so he tells her I hate it, forgive me.

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