Epic Twist about Baby! Kaala Teeka 20th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Epic Twist about Baby! Kaala Teeka 20th September 2016 Written Updates Episode: The last night episode of the TV series Kaala Teeka begins with Vishwa tries to kill Naina but on the nick of Nandu arrives there and he saves Naina for that he even fight with Vishwa. Vishwa feels that Nandu is being aware of it that Vishwa tries to kill Naina so Vishwa thinks to trap Nandu for the allegations of kidnapping Naina.


Nandu arrives there with Vishwa on the Haveli and Vishwa asked to the family that Nandu tries kidnapped Naina and tries to kill her, Vishwa also said untruth that by going there on nick of time he save Naina. He also asked police to arrest Nandu.

Kaali is now rushes towards Naina and embraced her. In the mean time, Gauri shouted a lot over this issue that she want her baby back, she also said that she can’t live without her baby. Somehow Manjari shocked to know that Gauri is after Naina and she is keen to harm her as she is now desperate to have her baby.

Kaali also realised the same for Gauri that she is after Naina to harm her so she and Manjari decided to stop Gauri for the same. On the other hand, Dadi, Yug, Manjari and Kaali are shocked to see that Gauri became mad for her baby and she want to have her.

Next scene shows that Gauri run away with Naina, Manjari and Kaali follow her to see that she is in the stair and she is with Naina. Manjari is panic to so and she asked to Gauri to leave Naina.

Kaali also follows her and pledge to Gauri that she should leave Naina to hear from Gauri that she asked Naina that first, she need to handover her baby to her then she will be giving Kaali’s Naina to Kaali.

Kaali goes panic and at last she reveals to Gauri that actually Naina is her daughter. Initially, Gauri did not believe it but gradually she turns stunned with this truth.

Precap: The woman says my husband sold that baby. They will sacrifice her at 12. They all rush to a place in the jungle she identifies.